Is Israel’s Spirit of Sacrifice Dying?

Israel’s New Fear By Ralph Peters


Something big hasn’t happened in the current round of fighting between Israel and its terrorist foes. That absence represents a potentially fatal change in Israeli policy.

For all of the air-attacks on targets in Lebanon, the Israeli Defense Force has not sent in ground troops. If IDF tanks don’t thrust across the border in force in the next few days, it will reflect the greatest crisis of will in Israel’s history.

Israel is signaling its enemies that it’s afraid to risk its soldiers’ lives. And the terrorists read the message clearly. This caution will only encourage Israel’s enemies – just when the seemingly inevitable advent of Iranian nuclear weapons poses the greatest threat to Israel since 1948.

Is Israel’s spirit of sacrifice dying? If so, it may prove fatal. Once brilliant in the attack, the IDF has declined into a defensive mindset that air-strikes can’t camouflage. Meanwhile, the ruthlessness of Israel’s enemies has increased horrifically. They would sacrifice millions of their own people to destroy Israel.

Precision munitions can’t turn the tide in struggles of the soul. And the souls of men are Hezbollah’s center of gravity.

Israeli decision-makers appear to have learned nothing from the failure of our “Shock and Awe” air campaign against Saddam’s regime. After all the ludicrous claims that a sound-and-light show over Baghdad would drive Saddam to surrender, the war had to be won the old-fashioned way, with the Army and Marines battling their way to Baghdad.

Israel is making the American mistake of betting on technology to defeat primal beliefs. The result is the opposite of the one desired: Stand-off attacks only convince religion-fueled terrorists that we – Americans or Israelis – lack the courage to “face them like men.”

No one wants to pay a price in blood. But postponing the payment of an unavoidable blood-price in war only raises the ultimate cost (another lesson of Iraq). Without defeating Hezbollah on the ground – no matter what it takes – Israel can’t win.

Israel is in a fight for its life, but looks irresolute for the first time in its history. It appears shockingly weak where it counts most, in strength of will. And will is one thing Israel’s fanatical enemies do not lack.

If, in the coming days, we do not hear the roar of IDF tanks pursuing Israel’s enemies, we may one day hear a new lament for the children of Zion.

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Deputy IDF Chief of General Staff Maj.-Gen. Moshe Kaplinsky said in an interview to Army Radio that the offensive against Hizbullah would reach its completion “in a matter of weeks.”

Nevertheless, Kaplinsky said a massive ground incursion was not necessary at the moment.

“At this stage we do not think we have to activate massive ground forces into Lebanon but if we have to do this, we will. We are not ruling it out,” Kaplinski told Israel Radio.

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Israel may consider a prisoner swap with Lebanon to secure the release of the two soldiers captured by Hizbullah, but only after its military operation is complete, Internal Security Minister Avi Dichter said on Tuesday morning.

Dichter claimed that efforts to gain the release of the soldier being held by a Hamas-linked group in Gaza and the two being held by Hizbullah were not connected to one another.

“If one of the ways to bring home the soldiers will be negotiations on the possibility of releasing Lebanese prisoners I think the day will come when we will also have to consider this,” Dichter told Army Radio.