Gaza Invasion, Kassam Blitz, Attacks on IDF Near Chevron and Other War News …

Arab Terror Groups Issue Ultimatum

IDF Tanks, Bulldozers Enter North Gaza


A small Israeli force entered northern Gaza at daybreak Monday, including tanks, armored personnel carriers and bulldozers. The troops took up positions around the town of Beit Hanoun.

The operation was titled “Spearhead.” The mission is meant to conduct “pinpoint” operations against Kassam launchers, uproot terror infrastructure, find tunnels, and prevent the laying of explosives along the border fence.

The small-scale operation was not as big as what the IDF had initially requested, but Prime Minister Ehud Olmert apparently would not give his stamp of approval only to a large-scale operation in northern Gaza.

The length of the operation was unknown.

Defense Minister Amir Peretz said Gaza was a “bottomless barrel of violence and chaos” and that the operations there would continue until Shalit was brought home and Kassam rocket attacks were stopped.

“Our intention is to be inside for the shortest period of time possible,” Peretz said during a speech he gave at a ‘Friends of the IDF’ event in Tel Aviv. “I do not delude myself into believing that there are quick magical solutions for dealing with Palestinian terror.”

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Most Wanted Hamas Man Goes on TV


Mohammed Deif, the Hamas operative who has been number one on Israel’s most-wanted list for a decade, appeared on TV early Monday in a documentary prepared by the Al-Jazeera satellite network.

Deif, known as a master bombmaker, called for the Arab world to push for an Israeli pullout from the West Bank.

“It’s our duty and role, not only us in Palestine, but every Muslim in the world has a religious duty and role to fight to liberate this land, because it’s Islamic territory,” he said.

9 Arrested in Counter-Terrorism Operations

IDF Kills 3 Terrorists in Gaza, Thwarting Attack

Gunmen Shoot at Car Near Ofra; None Injured

Molotov Cocktail Thrown at Vehicle Near Hebron

IDF Arrests Man Carrying 10 Knives at Checkpoint

Arabs Stone Israeli Vehicle Near Hevron

Kassam Lands Near North Gaza Fence; None Wounded

Israeli Bus Fired Upon Near Har Hevron; No Wounded

Izzadin al-Kassam Threaten to Attack Schools, Power Stations

Diskin: ‘This Could Take Weeks or Even Months’

Kassams Land Near Kibbutz Nir Am; None Wounded

MK Tamir: 2/3 of Schools to be Protected by Fall

IDF Arrests Fatah Fugitive West of Hebron

IDF Kills Two Terrorists in Southern Gaza

Shin Bet and IDF Thwart Kidnapping

IDF Chief-of-Staff Opposes Prisoner Release

IDF Intel Chief: Egyptian Mediation Amounts to Zero