Gaza Invasion, Sderot Blitz and Other Thursday Night, Friday War News …

PA Arabs Blast Hole in Border Fence to Egypt


Cowardly “PA(sic)” imprisoning their own civilians in order to hide behind them. And Egypt doesn’t want the “PA(sic)” civilian rif-raf either. MB

IDF Artillery Continues to Pound Open Fields in North Gaza

Air Force Strikes in North and South Gaza Warfare

Muslim Restrictions at Temple Mount

Jihad Operative, Struck by IAF, Dies of His Wounds

Explosive Device Thrown at IDF in Nablus; 8 Nabbed

IDF Troops Foil Southern Gaza Rocket Attack

Hostage Release Terms Rejected by Israel

Olmert Delays Northern Gaza Incursion
Read this Quote of the week: Halutz “We cannot just wait until more of our people are killed so we can get permission to defend ourselves”

Gaza Warehouse Hit by IAF Fire

IAF Hits PA Interior Ministry Building in Gaza

Kassam Rocket Attack Near Miss at Sderot Gymnasium

Gov’t Ultimatum to East Jerusalem Hamas Members Expires

Hundreds of Shells Fired At Gaza

Power Transformers Knocked Out in Gaza

12 Hamas Detainees Transferred to Ayalon Jail

6 Kassams Land in Western Negev; None Wounded

IAF Fires Missiles in Southern Gaza; No Injuries

Kassam Lands in Sderot; Two Suffering From Shock

Arabs Attack 750 Israeli Web Sites