Any Ceasefire Bodes Ill for the Future …

Weekly Commentary: Cease Fire Only Means Harder Future


The kidnapping of Gilad Shalit, ongoing Qasaam fire, the acceptance by “man of peace” Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas of the “National Conciliation Document” (in a version even more radical than the original) and the murder of Eliahu Asheri provides Israel with a window of opportunity to launch an important – and possibly critical – operation to roll back the ever growing Palestinian capability to engage Israel in a debilitating war of attrition and bog down Israeli forces needed in the event of the threat of invasion.

This window won’t last long. Pressure will only increase on Israel to find a way to gracefully step back. And the National Conciliation Document could very well end up succeeding in facilitating internal Palestinian stability so that they can be an even more dangerous enemy to the Jewish State.

Would a Defensive Shield operation in Gaza bring permanent peace?

Of course not.

The war against terrorism, just as the war against crime, never ends.

But that’s hardly an excuse for not fighting.