Kever Rachel — Walled In and Isolated; What’s Next??

Rachel’s Tomb Walled in From All Sides

Kever Rachel in years past

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The holy site is located in Bethlehem, a short 3-minute drive from southern Jerusalem. Access to the site was always a simple matter, with public Egged buses and private cars bringing thousands to the tomb to pray.

But the Israel government’s policy of building walls to confront terrorism has affected Rachel’s tomb drastically. Access to the holy site is no longer possible through public buses, rather one must be transferred to a special bullet proof vehicle and travel via a route that is surrounded by tall walls.

Visitors to the site complain that the only view left is one of concrete walls on all sides.

Watch “Rachel’s Tomb – A Special Report” produced by Arutz Sheva TV by clicking on the video within the article.


Just as this blog asked in February and ask again now; What evil lurks in the hearts of this evil regime? Does the Same Fate Await the Kever of Rachel Imeinu as the Abandoned Kever Yosef? MB