Moral Difference Between Presidents …

Poland Apologizes to Rabbi after Attack


Poland’s president expressed solidarity Monday with the country’s chief rabbi, who was attacked over the weekend, assuring the Jewish leader he would do everything in his power to oppose anti-Semitism.

President Lech Kaczynski invited Rabbi Michael Schudrich to his palace, where he expressed regret over the attack and said Poland will not tolerate anti-Semitism, said the presidential undersecretary of state, Ewa Junczyk-Ziomecka.

Schudrich was punched in the chest and doused with what appeared to be pepper spray on a Warsaw street Saturday by a young man who yelled “Poland for Poles” – an old anti-Semitic slogan implying Jews are unwelcome in Poland. read more


Moral Difference Between Women …

‘Women in Blue-and-White’ Recorded Complaints Against Machsom Watch


A grassroots organization called Women in Blue-and-White in Haifa visited IDF soldiers at a checkpoint located outside Tul Karem in Samaria, in order to record complaints by the soldiers against members of the Machsom Watch organization. According to the soldiers, members of the all-women left-wing radical Machsom Watch organization interfere with the security functions at the checkpoint (called a machsom in Hebrew) and degrade the soldiers in front of the Palestinian Authority residents who pass through the area. The Machsom Watch activists also threaten the soldiers with formal complaints if they refuse to do as the activists demand. read more


Overnight and Tuesday War News …

Hezbollah Becomes Strategic Threat; Rockets Can Strike Tel Aviv


Sunday’s rocket strike at a military base near Tzefat was the deepest a rocket fired from southern Lebanon has ever penetrated Israel.

The attack, which Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres termed “coincidental,” may have been a deliberate effort by Hezbollah to showcase its new strategic weapons.

Those weapons … are now able to strike virtually everywhere in Israel from the Galilee to the northern Negev. read more


The Katyusha Rockets in the North: “We Know What to Do!”

PM Olmert: “We Will Strike a Painful Blow at All Those Who Fire at the North”


Prime Minister Olmert said on Sunday, 28 May: “At around 04:00 this morning, a barrage of Katyusha rockets was fired approximately eight kilometers into Israel. This assault on Israeli communities was initiated by terrorist elements in Lebanon. We carried out an aerial attack and we will use all aerial and ground responsive measures at our disposal in order to strike at the terrorist elements that tried to disrupt life in the north. We were careful. Naturally, residents in the relevant areas were asked to go into shelters. We do not want any of our civilians to be hurt; we also do not want any innocent Lebanese civilians to be caught up in these exchanges of fire but I can say here that we will – without any doubt – strike a painful blow at all those who try to disrupt life in the north of the country. Israel’s response was an important warning to Palestinian elements in Lebanon of what they may expect if such things recur. We hope that the response will be properly understood and that there will be no further attempts. In the meantime, I hear that the firing is continuing, mainly in the western Galilee and I think that the elements that are taking part in the firing have erred in their assessments. They will receive an unequivocal and aggressive response, without any hesitation, if they do not stop.” read more

President Katsav Asks for Continued Knesset Probe on Amona …

Katzav Urges Knesset to Renew Amona Probe

Full Text;

President Moshe Katzav told students who were injured in the Amona expulsion that he will ask the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee to renew its investigation on police brutality during the demolition of Jewish homes at the community in Samaria.

President Katzav met with student representatives of the national Orange Cell group. Also present at the meeting was Moti Yogev, an IDF reserve officer who also was injured during the demonstration. read more


“Hilltop Outposts”: The Question is; How Are We Preparing for the Regime’s Next Amonas?

Gov’t Firm on Removing 24 Outposts


Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s government plans to stand firm on the commitment then prime minister Ariel Sharon made to the US that Israel would dismantle 24 outposts, a government source told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday.

It has let the settlers know that there is no room for compromise on these 24 which it considers to have been illegally built, the source said. They include six outposts that are the subject of a Peace Now petition before the High Court of Justice and for which evacuation orders were first signed more than two years ago. read more


Sunday Night and Monday War News …


Legal Decisionmaker AG Mazuz in Omri’s and Olmert’s Back Pocket on Pre-Election Sharon Permanent Incapacitation Call?

[With Elections Over] Sharon Given Virtually No Chance of Regaining Consciousness


[IMRA: “Sharon is given virtually no chance of regaining consciousness” – but Attorney General Mazuz refused to act on this fact before the elections. It would have meant the very real possiblity that Binyamin Netanyahu, as head of the Likud party, would have run in the elections as prime minister and Mr. Olmert and his Kadima party would run as members of the opposition. Olmert would not have enjoyed the daily stream of PM photo-ops and he would have had to deal with a group bickering “Volvo-less” (not ministers) Kadima party colleagues.] read more


Excerpts: Supreme Court Cheshin’s Early Retirement Interview Re: Alleged Sharon Scandal Cases …

Text: Supreme Court Judge Cheshin Implies Disengagement Saved PM Sharon from Indictment


…”For Barak, if the Knesset passes a law by a majority of a hundred to two, he can come and assert that the law is annulled. I think that is not a serious position.”

“Fight corruption with all your strength,” Cheshin urged his colleagues in his farewell speech three months ago. “Do not forsake the war day or night. It is a matter of life and death for us and for the state. Let us oversee them from the outside.” When the Movement for Quality Government petitioned the High Court of Justice, together with others, against Attorney General Menachem Mazuz in the wake of his decision two years ago to close the Greek island case against then-prime minister Ariel Sharon, seven justices sat on the panel. Six of them decided to reject the petitions; Cheshin alone wanted to issue an interim order and have the investigation proceed. read more


Motsei Shabbos War News …