MK Eldad Asks the $50,000 Question: No Jail for J’lem Hamas Officials? …

MK Eldad: Why Aren’t Hamas Officials in Jerusalem Put in Jail?


The Hamas, a radical Islamic organization dedicated to Israel’s destruction, is outlawed under Israeli law. Membership in the terrorist organization, which has carried out dozens of terrorist strikes killing hundreds of Israelis, is a criminal offense punishable by imprisonment.

U.S. law also defines the Hamas as a terrorist organization, and its members are subject to stiff criminal penalties.

MK Aryeh Eldad (National Union/NRP) criticized Bar-On’s announcement, calling it too little too late. “If membership in a terrorist organization such as the Hamas is a criminal offense, why aren’t they being tried and sent to jail?” he asked.

Eldad accused the Olmert government of trying to distinguish between Hamas politicians and those who carry out the group’s terrorist attacks.