Comptroller: State and Its Institutions Failed the Expelled Citizens of Gush Katif …

Comptroller Slams Gaza Resettlement Failures


“In a special report released for publication Wednesday, State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss blasted the Disengagement Authority (Sela), the Prime Minister’s Office and the Finance Ministry for their poor performance in handling the evacuation and resettlement of 1,750 families from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

“‘A supreme and concentrated national effort was required of all the
ministries that dealt with the disengagement, and above all by the Prime Minister’s Office and Sela,’ wrote Lindenstrauss.”

‘I especially emphasize the bureaucratic procrastination in the conduct of the Ministry of Finance as it emerges in the [previous] report on reinforcing the Jewish communities on the Israeli side of the Gaza Strip and, now again, regarding Sela. The Finance Ministry and its head ought to have initiated a speedy and concentrated action to remove the obstacles and impediments [to the financing of the authority] in time,’ he wrote.”

Comptroller’s Report Scathes Disengagement Executors


“Now it’s official: ‘The State and its institutions failed in their treatment of the expelled citizens of Gush Katif,’ according to the State Comptroller’s just-released detailed report.”

MK: Gov’t is Rubbing Salt into Evacuees’ Wounds


“‘The government of Israel is guilty of criminal negligence and of rubbing salt into the disengagement evacuees’ wounds,’ said MK Eli Yishai. The remark came in response to the comptroller’s report, which heavily criticized the government’s treatment of evacuees.”

“‘A month after the end of the disengagement, it was clear to me that the Disengagement Authority had [already] put up its feet [so to speak],’ added Yishai. ‘I proposed reforming it but the government ignored me.'”

Bassi: Critical Report is ‘Politically Motivated’

Eldad Calls for Bassi’s Immediate Dismissal

Orlev Calling for Responsible Parties to be Held Accountable for Disengagement Horrors

Hendel Denies Gov’t Radio Suggestion of Lack of [Refugees] Cooperation

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“Knesset Member and former Gush Katif resident Tzvi Hendel denied Wednesday afternoon a suggestion by Israel Gov’t backed radio that expelled residents did not cooperate with the Disengagement Authority.

“Hendel said several psychologists advised that communites slated for expulsion must be kept together, but Yonatan Bassi, head of the Authority, refused to cooperate. The Knesset member added that the government still is trying to humiliate the expelled residents as it has done in the past.”

More Comments from MK Tzvi Hendel appear here:

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“MK (National Union) Tzvi Hendel in his response to the state comptroller’s report on the Gaza expulsion stated ‘The care of the evictees was a direct result of a combination of hate, corruption and a hardening of the heart.’