FLASH: Tzippy Shlissel Attacked and Arrested by Police in Chevron …

Tzippy Shlissel, wife of Rabbi Yisrael Shlissel who Initiated Suit in Beit Shemesh Court for a Restraining Order against the Government and Military move to expell Jews from the Mitzpe Shalhevet neighborhood of Chevron was beaten and arrested today by poloce in Chevron.

The author has information from a number of sources, including the sister of Rabbi Yisrael Shlissel, indicating that “Tzippi was just standing outside when they [the Police] asked for the ID and immediately grabbed her, dragged her to the police car and arrested her. In addition to calls and faxes, he requested we say Tehilim #109-קט
9 times bzchut Avraham, Yitzchak, Yaakov, Sara, Rivka, Rochel, Leah, Bilhah and Zilpah.”

Here’s a video as well as still pictures of the arrest and a picture of the Shlissel family on a happier occasion.

And here is another report received via email;

Subject: Sister of BS Residents Beaten and Arrested

“A few days ago, a Chevron woman came to Bet Shemesh to file a case against the government.”

“At 2:45 PM today, Hebron policemen came to that very same woman (Tzippy Schlissel, 2 siblings live in Bet Shemesh) and asked for her ID. She said she did not have her ID on her. The policemen beat her up brutally, arrested her and took her to the Hebron police station- without permitting her to take along her 2 month old nursing baby. Luckily a neighbor was witness to the brutal police attack and took care of the baby.”

“Coincidence, or Bolshevik persecution!?!? Draw your own conclusion.”

A few hours later, Tzippy was released but “the police opened a Tik against her for allegedly resisting arrest.”

P.S. Court Confirms Jewish Ownership but Okays Expulsion Order

Full Text;

“A Bet Shemesh judge Thursday evening rejected a petition from the Shlissel family of Hevron which asked the court to cancel government orders to expel them and other Jewish families from their Hevron homes. Judge Shimon Stein said the court has no authority to cancel the order but acknowledged during the hearings that the property is owned by Jews.”

“The family charged that the court’s reasoning for rejecting the petition was irrelevant to the issues but added that at least “the truth came out” concerning Jewish ownership.”

In other related news;

Court Forbids Police to Hold 14-Year-Old Hevron Girl


“A Jerusalem court Thursday afternoon rejected a request by police to hold 14-year-old Yiska Federman in jail under administrative detention. Police claim the Hevron girl pushed a policeman, but the judge said the charge does not warrant holding her. He ordered her to be unconditionally released.”

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