Wednesday War News …

Gaza Militants Fire 8 Qassams at Sderot; No Injuries or Damage

Kassam Rocket Attack on Sderot, None Injured

Kassams Fired at Sderot and Ashkelon, Just Miss Gas Station

Qassams ‘Miss’ Gas Station Again

Israel Allows Weapons for PA Police in Area ‘A’

Netanyahu: “Pre-Disengagement Warnings are Coming True”

As that old Paul Simon song goes; “There must be 50 ways to deal with Kassams…” MB


News of one of the rocket attacks reached the Mayor of Sderot, Eli Moyal, as he was listening to Likud Chairman Binyamin Netanyahu tell an audience of party activists how to fight Kassams. Speaking at a gathering of Likud activists in Jerusalem, Netanyahu said, ‘There are a thousand ways to deal with Kassam rockets.’

“‘We cannot fight rockets with a ‘bang-bang-and-it’s-over’ approach,’ Netanyahu told the Likud supporters in the Knesset Tower Hotel. ‘We have to fight terrorism methodically. If [Sderot Mayor] Eli Moyal is unable to sleep at night [because of the rockets], then neither will the residents of Gaza be able to sleep.’