Bibi Speaks of Honesty and Nobility, Acts Like a Slime …

Netanyahu: Bring Back the Honesty and Nobility of Begin


While Bibi speaks of high ideals of restoration of Likud to the honesty and nobility of Menachem Begin, who was once imprisoned, he [Bibi] acts to attempt to oust a latter-day Begin from Likud for dread fear of the Jewish Values which Moshe Feiglin seeks to bring to the fore.

Barak of IRIS adds further perspective on Netanyahu’s attempts to oust Moshe Feiglin; Bibi Delays Likud Knesset Elections to Oust Feiglin

Likud Trying to Keep Feiglin Off List of Candidates


“The Likud Party has postponed by one week the vote on a list of candidates in the coming election and is preparing a new law that would forbid Moshe Feiglin from running, according to the Mabat television news program.”

“Mabat said that Netanyahu is preparing a new law blocking the candidacy of anyone who served three months in jail.

Menachem Begin could not have become Prime Minister of Israel had there been such a law within the Likud Constitution as the one Bibi is attempting to ramrod through against Moshe Feiglin.

A few Facts to prove my point;

#1Mr. Begin continued his Zionist organizational work until he was arrested by Soviet occupation authorities in 1940. He remained in Gulag prison camps, mostly in Siberia, until 1941, when he was freed with other Polish prisoners. Upon release, Mr. Begin joined the Polish army-in-exile, and was assigned to a unit that was dispatched to the Middle East. His parents and older brother remained trapped in Poland and perished in the Holocaust.”

#2 “The political situation into which Menachem Begin was born, in 1913, in the Polish town of Brest-Litovsk provided a starting-point and a decisive guideline for his turbulent career.”

“While studying law he joined the Jewish Youth Movement. In May 1939 he was imprisoned for participation in a demonstration in favour of the right of the persecuted European Jews to emigrate to Palestine. After a brief spell in prison he fled to Lithuania, in the hope that from this country he and his family might make their way to Palestine. The Soviet Russian occupation of Lithuania in 1939, however, effectively prevented this. He was arrested and sentenced to eight years’ forced labour in a Siberian prison camp.

“After the German attack on the Soviet Union he was released, in company with thousands of other political prisoners, as the authorities hoped in this way to be able to provide sufficient recruits for a Polish army to be deployed in the struggle against Nazism.”

#3 Similarly, Natan Sharansky would not have been a Government Minister in 3 Israeli governments had he been a member of a Likud Party which enacted such an amendment to the Likud constitution as Bibi endorses against Moshe Feiglin, for Sharansky served prison time in the Soviet Union, as per the following quote from his profile;

“Anatoly Sharansky (we shall call him by his birth name, Anatoly, rather than Natan, the name given to him by the Israeli ambassador to West Germany upon his release from prison) was born in Ukraine and educated in Russia as a mathematician. In 1973 he applied for an exit visa to Israel, but, like all Soviet citizens who had worked in the military-industrial complex, he was refused on security grounds. He then became involved in an Israeli-sponsored worldwide campaign to put pressure on the Kremlin to give special treatment to Soviet Jewish citizens by allowing them to emigrate to Israel, irrespective of whether or not they had worked in the defence sector. In 1977 he was arrested on suspicion of spying for the US, and in the following year he was found guilty as charged and sentenced to 13 years imprisonment. He was released in 1986 in a US-Soviet spy exchange.

#4 Geula Cohen could not have served as an MK in the 8th and 9th Knessets in the Likud Party had the party enacted an amendment such as Netanyahu proposes against Moshe Feiglin. Here is a quote from the Knesset website attesting to Geula Cohen’s having been imprisoned in 1946, having susequently escaped in 1947;

“Joined Etzel in 1942; year later joined Lehi; announcer on Lehi Radio station; in 1946 arrested by British and imprisoned in Bethlehem prison; escaped from prison 1947.


This author is sure that as he goes through the list of all Knesset members over Israel’s 57 1/2 years, more present and past members who have served jail time will be added to the list. Notably missing from this list, by design, are individuals, such as Shmuel Flatto-Sharon who were banned from Knesset due to true criminal charges due to his Mob and gangster history and his crimes against his fellow man — Real Moral Turpitude.

Batya of Shilohmusings checks in on this issue and writes the following;

“His [Feiglin’s] arrest was political, just like the anti-Disengagement arrests this summer. He was prevented from running for the Knesset last time, because there’s supposed to be a “cooling off period” between his “crime” and being an MK. Not even his detractors can accuse him of being a thief, cheat or any of the charges being brought against MK Minister Izak Herzog or MK Minister Tzachi Hanegbi or MK Omri Sharon and other ‘distinguished’ or kosher according to Bibi politicians.”

“If I’m not mistaken, some of my friends, who had been supporting Uzi Landau until he fizzled and latched onto Bibi, are joining him to work for Bibi. This is a mistake, and Bibi’s conspiring against Feiglin is a strong indication that he will lean left if elected Prime Minister, like he did last time. If Bibi had a strong nationalist pro-Eretz Yisrael ideology he would want Feiglin in to lend him support. If Bibi sees himself as (or plans on being) the ‘right-wing’ of the Likud, we’re in trouble, deep trouble.

MK Ruby Rivlin, the Knesset Speaker, complained of bad apples in the Knesset as forty members are in legal trouble for criminal acts. When you’re dealing with a third of the country’s legislature, things are bad. And these same guys are trying to keep Feiglin out. All I can think of is that they’re afraid of him; they want to shut him up. That means we need him in the Knesset.

Hat Tip: Batya, of Shilomusings

To enact Likud constitutional amendments to ban Moshe Feiglin is to take a walk back in time to the era where Rabbi Me’ir Kahane z”l was banned for the political crime of expressing his Jewishness, his love for his fellow Jew and for the Jewish Land, and because he got too popular and stood for Real Jewish Values. MB