Shinui MK “Classic Case of Projection”

Shinui MK: Get ready for Ortho-fascism

Did Feiglin [The Fool on the Hill] call it right or what?

Feiglin writes, “The Israeli media wept more for the poor cats to be left behind in the destroyed settlements than for the human beings to be uprooted and rendered homeless. We have become a sector that is less than human — sub-human — a problem that at one stage or another will have to be solved with finality. In German it is called untermentsch. This is the real crisis.”

“We so wanted to be Israelis. We so wanted to be the most Zionistic, the greatest at settlement, the top in the army. We tried so very hard to show that we are a sector that gives of itself, that we are pioneers, that we are well educated and have values and Heaven forbid and perish the thought not violent.”

“Suddenly we find ourselves pushed not to the sidelines, but way beyond them.”

The weaker and more isolated a sector is, or allows itself to become through compromising its principles or through complacency, the more villified they are, and the more villainized and de-humanized they are made and perceived to appear.