Regime/SELA Authority Libel: “87% of Gaza Evacuees Have Housing Solutions”


On Wednesday, the Regime and its SELA Disengagement Authority was cited by the Jerusalem Post beat reporter Tova Lazaroff as reporting:

Some 87 percent of the Gaza evacuee families have housing solutions and the other 13 percent are in the process of concluding agreements with the Disengagement Authority for their permanent homes, the Authority said on Wednesday.

It made the statement as it released 250 new housing lots in Nitzanim, located between Ashkelon and Ashdod.

However,’s Dror Vanunu, as well as former residents like Anita Tucker or Moshe and Rachel Saperstein would undoubtedly respond:

The Sela people continue to play with the words “Housing solution”(?) They would make it sound like 87% are living in normal homes. The fact is that only about 140 families are in the process of building while the rest are still in temporary homes [Nearly 4 years after their expulsion from Gush Katif].

This author will be more BLUNT; When you have a blood-libelous regime and more-than-willing co-conspirators in the mainstream media who periodically put out this libelous stuff — the old adage kicks in; “tell a lie often enough and it becomes truth.” Then keep on telling it and every telling self-reinforces the bogus “truth (sic)” of the previous tellings. MB