Sunday and Monday War News: 7 Terrorists Nabbed, Attempted Abduction in Jerusalem Foiled, Israeli Autos Stoned Near Hevron, Updates on Haifa Terror Car Bombing Attempt

Seven Wanted Terrorists Arrested [in Ramallah, in Dahariya, southwest of Hevron and in Jericho]

Two Jerusalem Officials Attacked by 20 Arabs [in Attempted Abduction]

Stones Hurled at Israeli Cars Near Hebron, None Wounded

Updates on Haifa Terror Car Bombing Attempt:

Olmert: Car Bomb Came from Judea and Samaria [What Political Cheshbon is Behind this Claim???

Car Bomb’s License Plate was Fake


“The car bomb was discovered by an alert passerby and disarmed by police. It was considered unusually large and police said it was a “miracle” that it did not go off.”