Wednesday War News: 2 Rockets After No Rocket Reports Tuesday, IAF Hits Philadelphi Tunnels, Hamas Continues Arms Smuggling; 4 Rockets Found in South Lebanon; Iran Tests Nuke Plant; 27 Terrorists Nabbed Including with Bomb, Knives, Attempted Kidnapping Foiled, Israelis Hit With Rocks, Molotov in Yesha

The Daily Double: 2 Rockets Explode in Western Negev [Sha’ar HaNegev Region Near Sderot], by Hana Levi Julian (Israel National News)

IAF Strikes Hit 7 Philadelphi [Terror Smuggling] Tunnels

Hamas Promises to Keep Smuggling in Arms, by Hillel Fendel (Israel National News)

Iran Test Runs 1st Nuclear Power Plant [in Bushehr]

4 Rockets Found in Southern Lebanon [5 Days After 2 Katyushas Fired from Southern Lebanon Toward Northern Israel]

Palestinian Tries to Steal Gun From Soldier Near Givat Ze’ev [Wed. Evening]

Beit Omer [Southwest of Bethlehem]: Arabs Throw Rocks Towards Israeli Vehicle

Israeli Car Damaged by Molotov Cocktail Near Ramallah

[Three PA] Arabs Discovered with Bomb in Samaria

2 Palestinians arrested as IDF Foils Knife Attack Near Hebron

Arabs Tried to Kidnap Soldier in Givat Ze’ev

Arabs Throw Rocks in Samaria [at a Car Near Arab Village Luban A-Shrakia]

IDF Arrests 22 Terror Suspects [in Yehuda, Shomron and Jordan Valley]