Shas Talks on Joining Livni Government: Jerusalem Not Necessarily Red Line?



Is there anything at all new under the sun? We’ve known the FACTS regarding Shas’ Jerusalem priority, or lack thereof, for over six months. MB

Shas Negotiating Attorney Indicates Jerusalem Not Necessarily Red Line, Dr. Aaron Lerner Date: 17 October 2008 (IMRA)

Full Text;

In a live interview broadcast during the noon news program today of Israel Radio, Attorney David Glass, who is negotiating with representatives of FM Livni on behalf of the Shas party, explained that should a deal be reached with Livni for Shas to join her ruling coalition and the agreement does not preclude negotiations over Jerusalem with the Palestinians that the decision to accept the deal would be left up to the Shas Council of Sages and Rabbi Yosef. [...]  Click here to read more.

Chol HaMo’ed, Erev Shabbos War News: IDF Nabs 14 Terrorists, Shoot Another, Arabs Caught With Explosives near Jenin, Firebombers Elude IDF After Tossing Molotovs Near Beit El

Shabbos Chol HaMoed Succot: The Eternality of Hashem’s Covenant with B’nai Yisrael


by Moshe Burt

There is a section of our leyning for Shabbos Chol HaMoed Succot, immediately following Hashem’s pronouncement of The Thirteen Attributes, which can be seen as directly connected to our Haftorah;

He said, ‘Behold, I seal a covenant before your entire nation I will make distinctions such as have never been created in the entire world and among the nations; and the entire people among whom you are will see the work of Hashem — which is awesome — that I am about to do with you.’ (Sefer Shemot, Perek 34, posuk 10) [...]  Click here to read more.

Succot, Chol HaMo’ed War News: Terror Suspected in Jerusalem Auto Collision, 4 Terrorists Nabbed, IDF Detonates Hevron Tunnel and Foils Beit El Terror Attempt, Molotov Attack Near Ramallah, 700 More PA Troops to Hevron

Succot 5769 — The Redemption: Promise, Unity and Fulfillment

By Moshe Burt

Having emerged from Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur and, hopefully we have all been inscribed and sealed for a happy, healthy, successful and meaningful year and years ahead, we find ourselves in the midst of Succot.

During Succot, the B’nai Yisrael, as an Am Segula (a nation apart and unique from the other nations), as Hashem’s special, chosen people, visit, bond, and celebrate our special and unique relationship with HaKodosh Borchu.

Prominent in our thoughts during Succot are the Haftorahs which the prophecy of the War of Gog and Magog, Moshiach, the Ge’ula Shlaima (the Redemption) and the rebuilding of the Beit HaMikdash are pronounced. Or, as the expression goes among baseball fans each springtime — right down to the fans of the most hapless MLB team; “Hope springs eternal.” [...]  Click here to read more.

Shabbos, Sunday War News: Gaza Arabs Die in Tunnel Work Accident; IDF Nabs 7 Terrorists, Infiltration Attempts at Har Bracha and Near Yitzhar, Stabbing Attempts in Hevron, Arabs Attack Jerusalem Police, Rock and Firebomb Attacks

What and Who Drove Ex-IDF, Mossad Officials’ Video Supporting Obama?



This author has thought long and hard as to whether to blog on this travesty. Ordinarily, an election in the US seems not to be appropriate for blogging here, for the truth is that policy and actions undertaken here emanate here in Israel.

Further, there was a time when Israeli leaders stood up defiantly when America attempted to dictate policy as this recent Jerusalem Post report dating back to Prime Minister Menachem Begin indicates.

Regarding the issue behind the gyrations and machinations surrounding whether or not Israel hands over of land to her enemies and expells thousands, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of Jews from their homes, as they did to the Jews of Gush Katif and the four Shomron towns; the issue did not and does not emanate in Washington nor does Washington facilitate implementation of such actions. The handing over of Jewish Land, of Jewish Divine Inheritance is an issue evolving from right here in Israel — from a determined policy of de-Judiacizing Israelis by any and all means from brainwashing, to educational dumbing-down to police and IDF psychological training and regimentation as well as brutality toward their fellow Jews. [...]  Click here to read more.

Emergency Update: Israeli Government Handing Over Hevron Security to PA


Received this email tonight from Mattot Arim — Cities of Israel. In their typical blundering, suicidal political expedience, it appears that the Olmert/Livni Regime is intent wreaking havoc upon the Jews of Hevron, Again. MB

Emergency update. Very soon, crazy as this may seem to you, the Israeli Government intends to transfer responsibility for security in Hebron to the Palestinian Authority. This, the Israeli government assures us, is going to ensure that the Hamas terror organization does not take control of of Hebron. [...]  Click here to read more.

Parsha Ha’azinu 5769: Hashem’s Hester Panim — Then and Now?


by Moshe Burt

Shem Mishmuel describes Ha’azinu as;

A poem which Moshe Rabbeinu recited to Klal Yisrael… It discusses the uniqueness of Klal Yisrael, their future, how they should conduct themselves, how they will stray, and how Hashem will treat them mercifully. (Shem Mishmuel, Rabbi Shmuel Bornstein, Parsha Ha’azinu, pge 433)

He further indicates that there has been connection, since the Mabul — “the great Flood” between the original 70 souls of B’nai Yisrael and the 70 primary nations which emerged after the Mabul to where the B’nai Yisrael, were they to achieve individual and collective full spiritual potential and righteousness, would impact for good upon the nations to which they were connected. [...]  Click here to read more.