Kadima Party, Leaders: Conceived and Born in Sin


431 Vote Difference in Tainted Party Primary NOT National Mandate


For those not too young, timid or politically equivocal to remember the truth; the Kadima Party was conceived in evil and formed by the 2 1/2 year comatose former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon as a Super-Party shelter and safe-haven for all of main facilitators of the August 2005 expulsions of Jews from their homes, assets, communities and Shuls in Gush Katif and the 4 Shomron towns.

And who were the chiefs among these facilitators of the August, 2005 expulsion besides Sharon who shared his vision of consolidation, convergence, realignment; synonyms for using the Gush Katif model for making Yehuda and the Shomron Yudenrein and handing biblical Jewish land and heritage to the enemy?

Sharon, Ehud Olmert, Tzipi Livni, Shaul Mofaz, Avi Dichter and Mean Meir Sheetrit. Undoubtedly the former 4 names are as yet easy to recall, as they were the main contestants in the recently held farce called Kadima leadership primaries in which the alleged victor, Livni “won” by 431 votes over Mofaz while approximately 430 votes cast, presumably for Mofaz, in an Arab town were disallowed after poll officials threw the ballots out of a window. MB

Below is a recent news report on the continuing matzav faced by most of the expulsion victims; the 9,000 former residents of Gush Katif and how Kadima envisions the expulsion as a model to facilitate giving away Jerusalem and biblical Yehuda and Shomron, as well as reports and commentaries subsequent to this evil party’s “election”;

Nightmare Continues for Disengagement Victims, by Ernie Singer (Israel National News)


Anita Tucker, one of almost 10,000 Jews uprooted from Gaza and Northern Samaria by the Israeli government during the Disengagement 2005, ….was told “It’s not my problem,” when she called agencies such as the Zionist Federation and the Sela Disengagement authority about a water leak in the trailer home on a temporary site where she was placed near kibbutz Ein Tzurim. Workers she paid to fix the problem discovered substandard infrastructure that was unhealthy and dangerous! She also discovered she was not alone.

Here is a link to other reports cited on this blog related to the ongoing matzav of the former Gush Katif residents and the consequences borne by Israel of the evil expulsion of Jews which the Kadima party sees as its future model.

Analysis: Olmert’s Diplomatic Footprints, by Herb Keinon (Jerusalem Post)

Olmert: Israel Wasted 40 Years on Judea, Samaria

Uri Savir to ‘Post’: It’s Either Continuation of Oslo or Nothing, by Tovah Lazaroff (Jerusalem Post)

PM: We Will Not Allow Pogroms Against Non-Jewish Residents [Who Stab, Injure, Maim and Perpetrate Pogroms Against Jews]

Kadima Party Primary: Reports and Commentary

Livni Wins by 431 Votes

Aaron Klein: Non-Jewish Vote Could Determine Next Prime Minister
by Ernie Singer
(Israel National News)

Danon to Shas: Kadima Doesn’t Keep its Promises

Analyze This: Livni’s Challenges, by Calev Ben-David (Jerusalem Post)

‘Problems in 80 Kadima Polling Stations’, by Gil Hoffman (Jerusalem Post)

Day After Losing Kadima Race, Mofaz Announces ‘Time Out From Politics’

Mofaz Announces: I’m Leaving Politics, by Maayana Miskin (Israel national News)

Livni Stunned as Mofaz Decides to ‘Take Break’ From Politics, By Gil Hoffman (Jerusalem Post)

Analysis: Unspoken Grievances of a Humiliated Man, by Gil Hoffman and David Horowitz (Jerusalem Post)

Pollster Yossi Vadana: Media Stole Elections From Mofaz, by
Dr. Aaron Lerner


In a live interview broadcast this morning on Israel Radio, pollster Yossi Vadana of Shvakim Panorama slammed the media for “stealing the primary elections” from Shaul Mofaz by presenting Livni’s victory over Mofaz as a foregone conclusion during the course of the campaign in general and releasing the exit poll results before the polls closed in particular.

Vadana suggested, and others on the program concurred, that it is possible that Livni’s 431 vote lead over Mofaz was the result of the decision of Mofaz supporters not to go to the trouble to vote after the broadcast of the exit poll results that (incorrectly) showed a massive Livni victory.

Related reports;

Media’s Temporary Misgivings Over Bias Can’t be Expected to Impact Coverage of Knesset Elections, by Dr. Aaron Lerner (IMRA)

Clip and Save: Pollsters Fail Even in Exit Polls [Made Public Before End of Voting] to Predict Kadima Primaries Outcome, by Dr. Aaron Lerner (IMRA)

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