Thursday War News: Gaza Kassam Blitz of Ashkelon, Sderot, Negev With Death, Injuries, Shock – IDF Responds; 12 Terrorists Nabbed, 1 Killed

[Five] Long Range Rockets Hit Ashkelon

Kassam Hits House in Ashkelon

18 Rockets Hit Sderot, Medics Treat Victims for Shock

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70-Year-Old Woman Wounded as Rocket Attacks Continue

Factory in Sderot’s Industrial Area Suffers Kassam Hit

Man Sent Into Shock as Kassam Hits Sderot

Dichter’s Security Guard [Lightly] Hurt in Sderot Rocket Attack

2 Kassam Rockets Strike Open Areas in Western Negev; None Wounded

17 Killed in IDF Ops Since Wednesday [as 50 Rockets Pummel Negev, Ashkelon on Wednesday]

Rocket Fire Continues; Barrage of Four Launched at Sderot

Four Kassams Hit Ashkelon area; One Wounded by Shrapnel

Kassam Hit at Sapir College Kills 47-Year-Old Father of Four

Related reports;

Yishai Calls for Emergency FADC Meeting to Address Kassam Attacks

Name of Man Killed by Kassam Released

Classes at Sapir College Cancelled for Rest of Day

‘Rockets’ Fired at Ashkelon Were Grad-Type Missiles

Abu Rish Brigades: We Used ‘Advanced’ Rocket Model

Kassam Lands on Grounds of Barzilai Hospital; None Wounded

IAF Aircraft Targets Kassam Launching Crew in Gaza Strip

Air Force Targets Hamas Buildings

Sderot Home Sustains Direct Hit From Kassam Rocket; Casualties Unknown

IDF Returns to Shechem, One Terrorist Killed

IDF Troops Arrests 12 Palestinians [in Yesha]

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