How Islamics Exploit Children to Do Their Dirty Work for Propaganda Value


Here is yet another report, in a growing list, of how “brave” Islamics exploit children to handle such tasks as Kassam launchings and rocket launcher retrievals for propaganda value should the children be fired upon or killed by an Israeli response to a Kassam firing.

The great mystery of life is why Ehud Olmert doesn’t have his head in his hands for shame over the Jewish children killed and maimed by the IDF’s misguided preference for the lives of little Arab terrorists-in-training, over the lives of Jewish children. MB

IDF: Terrorists Sent Kids to Launch Rockets

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The IDF announced Wednesday that it had fired at several rocket launchers in northern Gaza, and that suspicious figures had been identified next to the launchers.

Arab sources said the IDF killed three children aged 10 to 12, and this version was the main headline in the leading Israeli news websites Wednesday afternoon. However, one website said that the children had apparently been sent to adjust a rocket launcher.

The IDF expressed sorrow over the fact that the terror organizations use children for terror purposes.

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IDF Admits Risking Jewish Children’s Lives


An IDF source said Wednesday following the death of two Arab children during a strike on missile launchers in Gaza. “When we do not fire, the IDF takes a serious risk, because a few minutes later, a child in Sderot could be hit by Palestinian fire from the very same spot.”

“In many cases, the source said, inquiries reveal that the victims had been purposely placed in harm’s way by the terrorists.”

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