The Likud Primary, Moshe Feiglin and the Likud Gush Katif Referendum


One of the things which really gets this author’s ire is the chutzpadik attitude of the Likud party towards it’s voters.

Consider the recent attempts by the Likud and it’s current party leadership to oust one of the current principals in the race for Likud leadership with the Leadership primary to tke place on 14 August, merely 15 days from now.

What are some of the rationale’s being used to justify ousting Manhigut Yehudit and it’s standard-bearer Moshe Feiglin?

  • “A good showing by him in the primaries is bound to create an image problem for the Likud. Feiglin, they say, is too religious and right-of-center for the Likud.”
  • Feiglin has called for Jewish Law to become the law of the land, and promotes ‘dangerous ideological refusal [in the army].'”

And the most spurious, bogus and superficial charge of all;

  • “Many members who back Jewish Leadership faction leader Moshe Feiglin vote for other political parties…. Feiglin’s Likud backers in several communities in Judea and Samaria gave the party as few as zero votes in the last general elections.”

1/ Yes, Moshe Feiglin is a religious Jew. But when one reads and watches the video on Manhigut Yehudit’s homepage regarding the five points of Moshe’s campaign, there is nothing indicating or justifying the purported fear of Religious coercion .

2/ “Jewish law to become the law of the land”? And what about the current Judicial dictatorship which shelters institutionalized protectia, political bribery, corruption and graft, protection and perpetuation of political elitism as well as sexual immorality by those elitists holding high office while systematically persecuting any who oppose the elitists. And what about the trickle-down of all of the above and its impact on daily discourse at all levels between Yosef Q. Israeli in the street and how he treats his fellow?

3/ What is wrong with being a free agent and voting for the one you deem the best available candidate, if you are a member of Likud and YOUR Likud leadership candidate loses?

Since when does supporting your chosen Likud candidate bind you in to having to vote for the party if YOUR candidate loses in the Primary? Not exactly democracy?

Further, why does the relationship between Likud party and Likud party members only work one way. After the Likud Expulsion referendum, was not the party morally bound to live by the referendum’s result? Instead, the party and it’s leaders; Sharon, Olmert, Livni. Livnat, Bibi, etc. acted as free agents, because the vote didn’t go their way, and going against the very will of its voting members in pursuing, legalizing by way of Knesset law and executing the expulsion of nearly 10,000 Jews.

What the Likud primary on 14 August all comes down to in this author’s humble opinion is either;

1/ An elitist privileged, politically correct minority class using, continuing to manipulate, exploit, divide-and-conquer and persecute the various other sectors of Jewish Israel,


2/ Institutionalizing Jewish Values; V’Ahavtah L’rei’echa Komocha — caring for your fellow Jew as for yourself, “Tzedek, Tzedek tierdof…” Righteousness, righteousness (also rendered Justice, Justice) you shall pursue that you may live and inherit the land which the Lord, your G’d gives you” (Sefer Devarim, Perek 16, posuk 20), and equipping every Jew living in Israel with the knowledge to know why he is here, what he is fighting for and the ultimate justice of Jewish existence and sovereignty on Hashem’s Divine legacy to the Jewish people — Eretz Yisrael. MB

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