Wednesday War News

After Eilat Suicide Bombing: Olmert Instructs IDF to Maintain Current Policy

Full Text:

“Prime Minister Ehud Olmert instructed the IDF on Tuesday to maintain the existing cease-fire with the Palestinians, and not to alter its operations following Monday’s suicide bombing in Eilat, which killed three people. Israel Radio reported that in a meeting with several defense heads, Olmert rejected a number of anti-terror proposals.”

Kassam Rocket Lands Short in Gaza

Soldiers Discover Bombs near Shechem and Gaza

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Palestinians Open Fire at IDF Soldiers in Nablus, Ramallah

Soldiers Arrest Twenty-One Wanted Terrorists

Three Jihad Operatives Arrested Near Jenin

Background: [While politicians focus on Hebron Jew who yelled at neighbor] Vandals Damage Jesse’s Tomb in Hebron

Terrorists Fire on IDF, No Injuries

Firebomb Attack on Israeli Bus Near Shechem

4 Armed Palestinians Arrested Near Tapuach Junction

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