Israel Grabs ‘Jericho Six’ Before PA Releases Them …

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Olmert: No Politics Involved in Timing


This move shows that Israel can still act successfully, when leaders have a mind to. But would Olmert have acted on the release threat had the sequence of events not taken place two weeks before national elections? Frankly, this author harbors grave doubt that Olmert, Bibi, or for that matter Sharon would have acted were we not on top of elections. Were this not on the eve of elections, would we yet again be cast as the ineffectual “victims?”

In short, we’ve got a slew of politicians; Sharon, Olmert, Peres, Bibi, Barak and on down the line of lackies for whom National Security has become subserviant to the self-fulfilling prophesy of political expediency of poor educational institutions which have lent themselves to left’s uterior motivation; the dumbing-down and brainwashing of Yosef Q. Israeli. They should all be made to pay a price for neglect and mal-feasance and non-feasance in office. MB

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