Tisha B’av Message From Rabbi Shalom Gold Days Before Gush Katif Expulsion

And four years later, we live with the pain of the Korban done by Jew against Jew. Rabbi Gold’s words are poignant. (For those who cannot view the video from this blog, click here. ) Also poignant are the photos and words on the Jew against Jew Expulsion from Gush Katif written by David Morris on his Tzedek, Tzedek blog. MB

To view additional videos related to the Expulsion of our Jewish brthren from Gush Katif, click here

Hat tip to Israel National News.

Tuesday, Wednesday War News: Gaza Terrorists Fire Mortar at IDF; 9 Terrorists Nabbed, Police Nab 21 Illegals, Molotovs, Rocks Thrown at Jewish Autos, Six Torah Scrolls Stolen by Arabs Returned to Pisgat Ze’ev

Sunday, Monday War News: IDF Nabs 7 Terrorists, Police Nab 288 Arab Illegals, Arab Terrorists Attack Soldiers in Car, Jewish Autos Firebombed, Stoned and Gun-Fired Upon, Police Arrest Arab Terrorist About to Toss Molotov, Police Find Bag of Explosives in the Galilee

Parsha Va’etchanan 5769 — Consolation: In Historical Context After Expulsion by Israeli Governance?


by Moshe Burt

The Haftorah for our Parsha begins, “Nachamu, Nachamu Ami yomar Elokeichem” — “Comfort, comfort my people — says your G’d.” (Yishaiya, 40:1) This sentiment seems to be silent, but yet a theme of Parsha Va’etchanan.

In the beginning of Parsha, Moshe Rabbeinu recalls for the B’nai Yisrael how he entreated Hashem for permission to cross the Jordan River but that his request was denied. Instead, he was consoled by viewing the Land from Mount Pisgah. (L’lmod Ul’Lamed – Parsha Va’etchanan, page 161) [...]  Click here to read more.

Thursday, Friday War News: Shots Fired From Gaza at Workers; Senior Al-Aksa Terrorist Nabbed, 16 Terrorists Nabbed, Arab Woman Nabbed With Knife — Attempting to Steal Weapon, Rock and Molotov Cocktail Attacks on Jews

Alleged “Child Abuse” Charges: Coincidental Timing or Regime Revenge on Hareidim Over Parking Lot?

Something smelled rotten in the Israeli secular media’s opportunistic, agendized field day bashing the Hareidim, and the Jewish Torah, over alleged “child abuse” charges against a Jerusalem Hareidi Mother.

The stinking stench of these media accusations and police actions against the child’s Mother seem to be confirmed in this report on the matter by The Jerusalem Post’s Matthew Wagner:

Out of a deep feeling that the secular public is out to vilify and persecute them, the entire haredi public – from the most extreme and insular hassidic sects to the most mainstream elements – formed a united front over the weekend to support the Jerusalem mother who allegedly starved her three-year-old boy. [...]  Click here to read more.

Tuesday, Wednesday War News: Arab Gunmen Fire Several Times on IDF, IDF Responds Destroying Gaza Building, Jordon Stripping Citizenships, Rights From its Palestinians, 18 Terrorists Nabbed, Arab Nabbed Attempting Stabbing of Chayal

Gaza: Palestinian Gunmen Open Fire on IDF Patrol

IDF Destroys Building in Gaza

Amman Begins Stripping State’s Palestinians of Citizenship, by Khaled Abu Toameh (Jerusalem Post)

Leader Text:
Officials: Move is meant to preempt Israeli attempts to declare Jordan, where 70% of the population is Palestinian, as the true Palestinian state.


Look for either large groups of Arabs enmass attempting to enter Israel or huge upswing in terrorism emanating from Jordan. MB

Related report: Jordan Revoking Citizenship En Masse, Fearing Influx of PA Arabs, by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz (Israel National News) [...]  Click here to read more.

Friday/Shabbos Thru Monday War News: Kassam Fired at Sdot Negev, Terrorists Fire Grenades at IDF, Infiltrator From Gaza Nabbed; 8 Terrorists Nabbed, Rock Attacks on Jews Near Hevron, Bombing Attack Thwarted, Arab With Knife Nabbed at Cave of Patriarchs

Devarim 5769: Seeking and Bringing True Jewish Leadership and it’s Applications


by Moshe Burt

A number of years ago, Rav Aba Wagensberg spoke out in a shiur that Sefer Devarim represents Moshe Rabbeinu’s Mussar to B’nai Yisrael as the time of his death drew near.

He explained that near the end of Sefer BaMidbar, we began to see indications, via the story of Zelafchad’s daughters, Reuven and Gad’s desire to settle east of the Jordan, etc., that the B’nai Yisrael finally desired to accept Moshe Rabbeinu’s teachings and his Mussar which was meant to bring about the perfection of the Jewish people in emulation of the ways of Hashem as they were about to enter Eretz Yisrael. [...]  Click here to read more.

Wednesday, Thursday War News: Terrorists Fire on IDF Patrol Near Gaza Border; Hezbollah Hides Rockets in Homes, Violate UN Resolution; 14 Terrorists, 81 illegals Nabbed, Arabs Stone Jews Near Shechem, Kalkilya, Yishuv Ma’alei Sharon