Yom Ha’atzmaut — Modern-Day Jewish State of Israel at 61


by Moshe Burt

A couple of thoughts on the 61st anniversary of Modern-Day Jewish State of Israel:

  • 1/ It should only be that all of B’nai Yisrael, forget the non-Jewish world, that all Jews, everywhere, unite and internalize modern-day Israel as a Jewish State, as a Jewish entity, as a Jewish Land connected to the Jewish people by eternal Divine legacy.
  • 2/ A friend of mine jested in Shul this morning that Yom Ha’atzmaut was like a fast day to certain Jewish sectors and that the siyum that was to be held, similar to Erev Pesach, was to eliminate the necessity of first-born to fast.

This author’s response to the latter:

As much as this friend was jesting when equating Yom Ha’atzmaut with a fast day, the reality seems to be that certain Jewish sectors appear to view the equation as valid.

A few years ago, after the expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif and the 4 Shomron towns, this author ceased to say Hallel on Yom Ha’atzmaut. This is a somewhat controversial topic.  [...]  Click here to read more.

Shabbos Thru Monday War News: “Friend” Turkey Military Drills With Syria, Terror Attack Near Hevron Ignored — or Censored?, Stonings of Jewish Cars, 15 Terrorists Nabbed, IDF vs Syrian Drug Smuggling, Terrorist Explosive at Itamar Fence, Terror Attack at Yitzhar

Parsha Acharei Mos/Kedoshim 5769: The Kohen – Paradigm for Loving Care, Conduit for Unity


by Moshe Burt

Our twin Parshiyot; Acharei Mos and Kedoshim are what baseball fans refer to as another of the “doubleheader” parshas. And just as Parshiyot Tazria and Metzora are extensions of each other, visa vi Tumah and Ta’Hara regarding post-birth, regarding skin, hair, clothing or regarding one’s home or building; Acharei Mos and Kedoshim are extensions of each other regarding Kohanim, Yom Kippur, the Kohen’s Yom Kippur avodah in the Kadosh Kedoshim and the Kohanic model of Darchim, which the entire B’nai Yisrael ideally embraces and exhibits as a model for all mankind. [...]  Click here to read more.

Vilna’i: All Israel in Range of Hamas, Hezbollah Rockets


Boker Tov Am Yisrael! As if Vilna’i’s warning should come as any great shock to anyone with eyes, ears or a functioning brain in their head. But it just boggles the mind how the typical Yosef Q. Israeli doesn’t have his back up at the mal-feasance and non-feasance of successive governments, including Netanyahu, who have sat back, equivocating, voting to make parts of Jewish land Yudenrein and letting this state of affairs come to be. Frankly, this Jew is more than a litle tired of excuses, expressions like “ein ma’alasot”
(nothing can be done), or “I’m too tired to fight, too tired to win.”  [...]  Click here to read more.

Thursday, Friday War News: Kassam Fired From Gaza at Kibbutz, 8 Terrorists Nabbed in Operations; 5 Police Wounded in Arab Riots, Arabs Stone Firefighters Fighting Fire near Tulkarem, Arabs Stone Jewish Car Near Jenin

Monday Thru Wednesday War News: 23 Terrorists Nabbed, 4 Bombs Found in Ramle — Gang or Terror-Related?, Molotov Cocktail Attacks Near Ramallah, Beit El, Rock Attack Damages Vehicle Near Hevron

Recent War News: 13 Terrorists Nabbed, Possible Terror Attack Averted on Be’er Sheva – Dimona Train, 2 Police Hit by Arab Auto, Terrorist Killed Throwing Bomb at Beit El Home

Parshiyot Tazria/Metzora 5769: Ta’amei and Tahara on National Level

In learning about the laws of tzara’as, we find posukim which are a pelah, a wonderment.

Torah relates in our Parsha;

“If the tzara’as will erupt on the skin, and … will cover the entire skin of the afflicted from his head to his feet, wherever the eyes of the Kohen can see — the Kohen shall look, and behold! — the affliction has covered his entire flesh, then he shall declare the affliction to be pure; having turned completely white, it is pure. On the day healthy skin appears …, it (the affliction) shall be contaminated.” (Sefer Vayikra, Perek 13, posukim 12 – 14) [...]  Click here to read more.

Israel’s Imperatives: Confident Leadership, Cohesion of National Purpose

The Jerusalem Post’s David Horovitz has written a commentary noting that Israel faces security challenges requiring confident leadership and cohesion of national purpose:

Home Truths About Gaza, by David Horovitz (Jerusalem Post)


    Are we losing the capacity to distinguish between what we know from our own experiences to be true or credible and what others would have the world believe about us?

…Esther Wachsman, whose son Nachshon was kidnapped by Hamas in 1994 and killed in a Palestinian village not far from Jerusalem as the IDF tried to come to his rescue, describes poignantly how the family came to choose his name.

The family’s third son, he was born at Pessah time in 1975, and they decided to name him in honor of Nachshon the son of Aminadav, the man who had the guts to trust God and test the waters, the man who leapt into the Red Sea confident that his people would be able to cross, the man who showed the children of Israel the path to their destiny. [...]  Click here to read more.

Wednesday-Friday War News: 2 Gaza Rockets and IDF Retaliation; IDF Nabs 6 Terrorists, Attempted Terrorist Infiltration of Beit Hagai Foiled, Molotovs and Stonings at Kalkilya, Azoun, Karnei Shomron, Lower Galilee