Israel’s Murdering Terrorist Prisoners for Body-Bags: Insane!


The are quite of people spinning the handling of murdering Arab Islamic terrorists back to the enemy in exchange for body-remains as restoration of national pride and national strength.

To return to the points made last week regarding the campaign for large numbers of people to change their social networking profile pictures to Shalit’s;

The Rabbanim draw a strong distinction and bounds between pidyon Sh’vu’im — rescuing or redeeming captives and redeeming captives in a way which brings the entire nation into dire peril. [...]  Click here to read more.

Orlev: Deal’s Message, “Israel Will Never Abandon Soldiers.”



It appears as if MK Zevulun Orlev has gone over to the other side, as if he was ever on the side Torah, morality and ethics in the first place.

After the cabinet voted to release Samil Kuntar and slews of other terrorist for Jewish captive body-bags, Orlev is quoted as follows;

“The deal for the captives broadcasts an important message, that ‘every Jewish mother must know that the state of Israel will never abandon its soldiers.'”

This author would like to ask MK Orlev; [...]  Click here to read more.

Regime Agenda Spins: The Absence (??) of Terror Attacks


One could or would think, from the pro-longed absence of war-like news, that “peace(sic)” is breaking out all over as terrorist-captive swaps dominate the news. Think again!! The lack of news (or possible news censorship) could all be spin-based! MB

IDF Arrests Eight Palestinians Overnight

Bus Stoned in Hevron

Sunday War News;

Arabs Throw Rocks at Car Near Shechem

Gaza: Mortars Overnight, Calm By Day

Palestinians Throw Molotov Cocktail at Car Near Ramallah; No Wounded [...]  Click here to read more.

Parsha Chukas 5768: Tefillot for Tikkun: Generational Demarcation Point?

by Moshe Burt

The placement in Torah of our Parsha Chukat and the Parah Adumah raises questions as to why the Parah Adumah and it’s Halachot are mentioned here in our Parsha; only after Korach’s rebellion and after the continued murmuring of the Am against Moshe Rabbeinu, and after the plague which killed thousands only ending with Aaron’s carrying an incense pan amongst the people (upon Moshe’s instruction), and after the story of the rods.

“Rabbi Artscroll” presents one answer to the question of placement in a commentary in The Stone Chumash on the words at the beginning of our Parsha “…el Moshe, v’el Aaron” [1] The answer speaks of the symbolism of the Parah Adumah (the Red Heiffer) coming to atone for the sin of the Eigel Zahav (the Golden Calf) “… as if to say let the Mother come and clean up the mess left by her child…” [...]  Click here to read more.

Friday, Shabbos War News: Mortars Fall Near Karni As Regime Appeases by Opening Gaza Crossings; Arabs Stone Drivers on Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Hwy; Islamics Attack Hikers in Galilee’s Nachal Tsipori

Thursday War News: More “Truce” Violations Of Kassams, Smuggling Tunnels, Israeli Government… ?; Vehicle Damaged by Stoning Near Ramallah, 7 Terrorists Nabbed

Why I Can’t Change My Facebook Picture to Shalit’s



Although I want to see kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit freed, back in Israel with his parents, relatives and friends, and pray for it on ever occasion, I have a real big problem with the proliferation of Shalit pictures being posted to profiles on Facebook, MySpace and other social networking sites.

The problem I have is surely not with the act itself which I sincerely believe to be a genuine, sincere grassroots display of unity with and love for a a Jewish brother.

My problem is with the perception and message of these pictures alongside the Israeli government’s actions and mindset of appeasement, equivocation, lack of honor. [...]  Click here to read more.

Wednesday War News: Response to “Truce” Violations: Crossings Remain Closed; Diskin: Swap of Prisoners for Dead Captives Will Risks Schalit’s Life; Stonings and Bombings of IDF, Civilians in Yesha, 8 Terrorists Nabbed

2 Wounded in [Tuesday] Afternoon Kassam Attack (Update)

[Regime Response to Truce Violations] Barak Orders Border Crossings to Remain Closed in Response to Kassams

‘Swapping Live Prisoners for Dead Reservists Will Risk Schalit’s Life’


“Diskin: …If such a prisoner swap is carried out, Schalit’s captors would feel free to kill him, safe in the knowledge that Israel would still agree to a deal for his dead body.”

Related reports;

Why Samir Kuntar Mustn’t Go Home, by Judy Montagu (Jerusalem Post) [...]  Click here to read more.

Gaza Arabs’ “Gross Violation” of Truce; Israel’s Response?



The inevitable has occurred. The “truce” lasted but 4 days and was broken first on Monday night by the launching of a mortar followed by four Kassams bombarding the Western Negev late this afternoon.

Dr. Aaron Lerner of IMRA (Independent Media Research and Analysis) noted;

The Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement that “the prime minister has warned that the ceasefire could be short and fragile. Israel warned against a violation of the understandings, and will weigh its options following the rocket fire.” [...]  Click here to read more.

Tuesday War News: CEASE-FIRE VIOLATED as Mortar Shell Hits Negev, IDF Not to Shoot Terrorists Next to Gaza Fence; Islamic Jihad Terrorists Killed by IDF Near Jenin, Shechem, 8 Terrorists Nabbed, Arab Rams Police Car Injuring 7 Police

Mortar Shell Hits Western Negev Despite Ceasefire [Regime Silent]

Full Text;

“A mortar shell fired from the Gaza Strip landed in the western Negev despite the recent ceasefire agreement signed by Israel and armed Palestinian groups in Gaza. No injuries or damage were reported.”

Related report; Terrorists Break Ceasefire, Mortar Shell Hits Negev

IDF: Don’t Shoot at Armed Terrorists Operating Next to Gaza Fence, by Dr. Aaron Lerner IMRA

“This last paragraph… does not appear in the English version [of Haaretz].”
 [...]  Click here to read more.