Olmert: “The [Jordanian] King is a Friend of Mine… It’s Not a Release, but Rather a Change of Prisons”

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If you believe the above Olmert “shoot from the hip” boast, re-read this; Will Release of 4 Murderers of IDF Soldier to Jordanian Custody Amount to Arab Revolving Door?

If you still believe Olmert’s statement, “I’ve got a bridge to sell you… cheap! MB

Olmert’s Offer To Free Terrorist Enrages Victim’s Mom

Background Report:

Don’t Release My Son’s Murderers, Bereaved Mother Says

Full Text:

The mother of the reserve officer murdered by Jordanian terrorists is enraged at Prime Minister Ehud Olmert for offering to release the killers of reserve Major Yehuda Lipschitz, who was murdered in 1990 at the age of 27.

Prime Minister has recommended to the Justice Ministry it accept a request from Jordan that Israel free the four convicted terrorists, despite previous government policy not to free prisoners “with blood on their hands.”

He commented, “The [Jordanian] king is a friend of mine…It’s not a release, but rather a change of prisons. I will support this.” The prisoners are to continue serving their sentence in Jordanian jails, he explained.

“Why does a gesture to the King of Jordan need to come at the expense of our family?” angrily declared Nili Lipschitz, the mother of the slain soldier. He was patrolling near the Jordanian border and sought out the source of a breach in the security fence when the terrorists killed him.


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