The Sefer Torah Recycling Network: Looking Back and Looking Forward

A short time out from the constant reporting and commentary evolving around the Expulsion which took place in mid-August, 2005 and it’s continuing, ongoing ramifications and consequences for Israel and for all Jews;

Its time to give a look back as well as a look forward at The Sefer Torah Recycling Network as the 11th Anniversary of it’s inception approaches.

In December, 1994, the project began with my attending a Singles Melave Malka in Borough Park. This trip resulted in The Birth of an Idea which became reality with the subsequent placement, over the next 11 years, of 11 Sifrei Torah in needy locations exclusively in Eretz Yisrael. read more

The Mother of Expulsions?: Israel to Cede Mt. Zion to Vatican?, State offers JNF NIS 1.3b and Land Swap

A couple of messages were on my email log this afternoon. Taken together and with the two articles to which they refer, one can begin to understand all of the implications and ramifications of the actions of the current Regime governing Israel regarding these two aligned issues. Indications are that unless there are rapid and major changes in the way Israel is governed [i.e governed according to Torah principles, as a unique people and with a love of Eretz Yisrael as divinely Holy, not just a stam piece of Real Estate] , we could awake one day to find that our beloved Eretz Yisrael has been signed away and sold out from under us. MB read more