A Kohen’s Take: The Likud Central Committee Vote and Jerusalem


As this week’s Parshat HaShevua is Parsha Emor, it seems appropriate apply precepts which I have derived from our Parsha to our collective current malaise:

The function of the Kohen in relationship to his fellow Jews is meant to be the paradigm of how the Jews are meant to relate to the nations as a light unto the world. The point is that the Kohanim are meant to be a paradigm, to set an example for all of B’nai Yisrael regarding derech, midos, chessed to one’s brothers — one’s fellow Jews, and of Avodat Hashem.

Having said the above, the question arises; Just as the divorcee is forbidden halachically from marrying a Kohen due to loss of the ability to unify with one person resulting in division and disunity; what about the lost unity amongst B’nai Yisrael after the divide and conquer tactics of political protexia class result in Jews divorcing themselves from Jews? What about the purity which is then defiled by the tumah of this disunity — the forces of defilement; sectorial divisiveness, prejudice and disagreements?

In trying to fathom Netanyahu’s actions, the $64k question is: What exactly is the extent of this “Secret Agreement” which Bibi is trying to hide and deny and why do his stinking maneuvers seem more nefarious than even Sharon’s expulsions? As if a freeze on Jewish construction in Jerusalem was not serious enough, we must all question how far-reaching and to what degree of magnitude this “agreement” is. One must wonder what Bibi’s true motivations were and are, from a perspective that back from Jump-Street, as reflected in his dumping of Feiglin from his hard won 21 slot in the Likud primaries to, was it 37 or 38 on the list. And why did he let his polls drop to the point where when the National elections were held, Likud won 1 less seat than Kadima when he could have had near 40 seats by leaving Feiglin where he was — in slot 21?

Why, with only the 28 MKs, did he take Ehud Barak into the government when he had at least as good in Bogie Ya’alon for defense minster? Why has he been falling all over himself to get surrenderist Livni and Kadima into the government?

Remember — this is the same Bibi who handed over 80% of Hevron and voted for the expulsion of our Gush Katif brethren. His track record gives every reason to be suspicious and to not “dan l’skaf zehut” (spelling??).

In short, a leopard does not change it’s spots and Bibi’s track record has long-ago crossed the line beyond which it becomes impossible to look for his good points and judge him favorably with Our Land, Our Jerusalem, Our survival at stake.

As for the religious sectors, they create their own openings for political strong-arming and divide-and-conquer tactics by being sooo consumed with suspicion, rivalry and yes, hatred for each other that they air their dirty, and often intimate laundry in the secular media. And then the secular media, predictably, has a field day at the expense of the various sectors who snipe at each other leaving the Netanyahus, Olmerts, Sharons, Baraks, Peres’, etc. open field to exploit and de-humanize us all.

How then can the religious sectors follow Torah, follow the paradigm of the Kohen — the precept of “V’ohavtoh L’rei’achoh Komochoh” — “… you shall love your fellow as yourself…” (Sefer Vayikra, Perek 19, posuk 18); to want for your fellow Jew what you would want for yourself, to not do to your fellow Jew what you would not want to happen to yourself? How then can they come together with a unity which subordinates their differences toward advancing the common good thus rendering all as impervious to the tactics of cheap, sleazy political hack governance who thrive on the division and exploitation of the religious sectors? That is the $1 Trillion question. (MB)