Construction Freeze Lame and False Pledge #2: Bibi: Read My Lips…

On Thursday, The Jerusalem Post’s first report regarding prime minister Netanyahu’s meeting with Yehuda and Shomron leaders carried these excerpts:

We are not enemies, and if there things that need to be amended – we will fix them, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was cited by Israel Radio as telling settler leaders, as the two-hour meeting in Tel Aviv on the building moratorium came to its end on Thursday afternoon.

Netanyahu also took great efforts to reassure the Judea and Samaria mayors that the building freeze would not surpass the designated time framework. Read my lips, it will not be longer than 10 months, the prime minister reportedly said.

“Read my lips”: Who out there in blogosphere can remember the last world leader to pledge using this phrase?

For those who don’t recall, it was former President George H. W. Bush who uttered this famous broken pledge:

“Read my lips: no new taxes”… at the 1988 Republican National Convention as he accepted the nomination…

So, this time Netanyahu — that serial pledge-breaker — sought to parrot a former US President in making a promise — renewed and increased Yesha construction after the 10 month freeze — that, like Bush regarding taxes in 1988, he [Netanyahu] has no intention of keeping.

One of the early talk-backs on the JPost report says it all:

“READ MY LIPS” -Oh Please

I want to believe Bibi but his record (Hebron, etc…) and this quote does not instill confidence. “Read my lips: no new taxes” is a now-famous phrase spoken by then presidential candidate George H. W. Bush. He then went on to win the election and subsequently raised the taxes…………. politicians 🙁

It should be noted that in subsequent versions of the JPost report on the meeting, the above-cited excerpts, including “Read my lips”, were deleted and replaced by:

Netanyahu reiterated to the settlement leaders, many of whom have expressed doubt over the last week whether he would renew building in the settlements at the end of the 10-month period, that this suspension was “one-time and temporary.”

“Nine months and three weeks remain to the end of this period,” Netanyahu said. “At the end of this period we will continue to build….”

Yeah, right! Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies… How much longer will Yosef Q. Israeli continue gullible to the serial lies of Israeli hack governance?