Friday Thru Tuesday War News: 2 Katyushas Hit Near Nahariya, 5 Terrorists Nabbed With Jewish Religious Items, 24 Terrorists Nabbed — Including 5 Tanzim and Hamas Head in Tulkarm, 60 Illegals Nabbed, Terror Rock Attack at Ir David

2 Katyushas From Lebanon Land Near Nahariya [Friday]

Related report: UNIFIL Knew of [Lebanese] Terrorists Plan to Hit Israel, Kept Quiet

Police Pull Over 5 Palestinians With Jewish Religious Items on Highway 1 [Near Beit Shemesh, Latrun]

Related reports: Arrested Arabs May Have Been on Way to Terror Attack

Arab Terror Suspects May Have Planned to Pose as Jews [Crossed Separation Barrier Without Work Permits]

5 Tanzim Terrorists Re-Arrested, Almagor Asks ‘Why [They Were Ever Released in First Place]?’, by Hillel Fendel (Israel National News)

IDF Arrests Gang [of 5 Terrorists] Responsible for Binyamin Attacks [in July, August and Various Between 2000 and 2009]

60 Palestinians Detained for Illegally Entering Country [in Raids in Central and Northern Israel]

IDF Arrests Head of Hamas Armed Wing in Tulkarm [Planner of Suicide Bombing at Park Hotel in Netanya]

Security Forces Arrest a Palestinian [Terrorist Nabbed Near Ramallah]

IDF Nabs Twelve Terror Suspects [Near Jenin, in Shechem, Northwest of Ramallah, Southwest of Hevron]

Rock Attack at Ir David [Woman Injured When Hit by Rocks Thrown at Cafe]