State Comptroller’s Report: More Cover-up of Israeli Government Criminal Negligence Regarding Pollard


The months of pre-publicity regarding Israel State Comptroller Lindenstrauss’s investigation and report regarding what the government of Israel did or did not do on behalf of Jonathan Pollard were not promising and the accounts of the investigation report bear out the previous impressions.

This author is not even so surprised at the sham report as regarding the comments of Jonathan’s Israeli representation attorney Nitzana Darshan-Leitner as published in the Jerusalem Post:

Pollard, an Israeli agent, tried to use all legal means at his disposal with the US authorities, including numerous requests for a retrial, and he has no choice but to depend on the [Israeli] government to release him…

To this, one must ask: What re-trial? Pollard was never tried in the first place. For Leitner to speak in terms of a “re-trial” of Jonathan when he was never tried in the first place seems to this legal neophite author to be prepostrous and not worthy of being uttered by competent counsel. And Comptroller Lindenstrauss writes in his “findings”:

Pollard did not receive fair, proper trial…

What trial? There was a plea bargain in place which the US abrogated, thus permitting the Judge to convict Jonathan without trial afterwhich his “trial” representation failed to take the elementary, fundamental Law 101 action of going for an appeal. Why are we wasting time and money on an investigation of of the U.S. Justice department’s mal-treatment of Pollard — all of which we’ve known for years?

Wasn’t the Lindenstrauss investigation and report, now cloaked in heavy State secrecy, supposed to have separated truth from fiction regarding whether or not Israel’s governance misled it’s governed and was negligent, or criminally negligent in as far as what it did or did not do or whether or not it really acted to obtain freedom for it’s agent and fellow citizen — Jonathan Pollard? (MB)

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