Supreme Court Appointments: Elon Nixed, Religious Anglo Appointed With 2 Others


This blog recently posted 2 pieces [here and here] relating to efforts to mobilize a grassroots effort to insure that 3 Nationalist MKs on the Court Judges appointment committee didn’t vote to appoint more leftist judges.

Apparently, the mobilization met with some success as the committee repelled Judge Sefi Elon’s nomination while appointing Supreme Court President Judge Dorit Beinisch’s hand-picked candidate Uzi Fogelman.

The right-wing members of the committee approved of Fogelman in exchange for appointments of Judges Yitzchak Amit and Neal Hendel who is American-born, Yeshiva educated and who made Aliyah in 1983 receiving his Israeli law license in 1984. (MB)

Israel National News reports National Union representative on the Judicial Appointments Committee MK Uri Ariel as noting:

“These were the best appointments that we could have gotten. The procedure that determined that only judges who have been on the Supreme Court for one year [as temporary appointments] has been changed. Out of the three who were chosen, two arrived directly from the District Court to the Supreme Court. In addition, this was the first time that a candidate nominated by Knesset Members was selected. Our proposal regarding Neal Hendel was accepted unanimously.”

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