Tuesday, Wednesday War News: Gaza Terrorists Fire Mortar at IDF; 9 Terrorists Nabbed, Police Nab 21 Illegals, Molotovs, Rocks Thrown at Jewish Autos, Six Torah Scrolls Stolen by Arabs Returned to Pisgat Ze’ev

Gaza Gunmen Fire Mortar Shell at IDF Troops

Police Arrest 21 Illegal Palestinians in the North

IDF Arrests Five Terror Suspects in Yesha

2 Molotov Cocktails Hurled at Israeli Car East of Kalkilya

Palestinians Throw Rocks at Israeli Car Near Ramallah

Israeli Car Traveling Near Bethlehem Pelted by Stones

IDF Arrests Four Terror Suspects [in Jenin, Shechem, and Ramallah Regions]

Six Stolen Torah Scrolls Returned to Pisgat Ze’ev [Stolen 6 Months Ago, Were Found in Nearby PA Arab Village of Hizme]