Obama’s Cairo Speech, Policies and the Jews



I am dispensing with the 3rd person “this author” on this one. America’s president Barack Hussein Obama has made his Cairo speech. Aside from the questions of what it’s decipherings, implications and deeper meanings and analysis could mean to Israel and to the Jewish world, the question is; What Should Hussein Obama’s Cairo ingratiation to Islam mean to a Jewish state of Israel, to a real Jewish governance, and to the Jewish world?

What I see Obama’s speech meaning is that at long last, Israel must once and for all be weaned off the bosom of slavery to American aid and American approval. What it shows is that Israel MUST shake mentality of dependence (thus enslavement) and return to self-reliance of her modern-day-statehood-founding and of her Six-Day War resourceness — with home-bred talent, ingenuity and self-reliance which goes along with it, as well as reliance upon Hashem. What it proves is what I have been writing for years, that Jews are obligated to but One Ultimate Authority — Hashem in Shemayim. And when earthly Jewish leaders are NOT L’shem Shemayim, but are about L’shem their own self-interests, agendas, prejudices, their own self-enrichment and self-aggrandisement, self-affectionation and self-perpetuation of their own power and influence; they are clearly not worthy to lead the B’nai Yisrael. That is what sets apart Moshe Rabbeinu, Aaron HaKohen and certain other select Jewish leaders down through history from the Yudenrat: Real Leaders vs Corrupt, Evil Pretenders. If Jews and Jewish leadership act like Jews, then we are impervious to the Obamas, Clintons or, you name it srom successive previous American governments,

What Obama’s Cairo rhetoric further means is that the dehumanization of the Jew has begun. Take Note: the links below to various analyses of Obama’s speech clearly show the beginnings of the public relations, the spin-mastering of Hussein Obama, the press corp which supports him, as well as the mega-dollars of Islamic financial backing and influence. It shows that American Jews belong making Aliyah, in droves, now, while they can. MB

And as very often is the case, Moshe Feiglin’s got it nailed:

In his book Night Flight, Antoine de Saint-Exupe’ry describes the lifestyle of Arab tribes in the Sahara desert. When a slave would become old, he would be freed. But the slave would beg to continue to serve his master. When his supplications would be refused, he would not seek out a new life as a free man. He would simply lie on the sand in the desert and dehydrate for a few days until death would release him from bondage.

Through the spectrum of their slave mentality, the fish that the Israelites received from the Egyptians was a gift. The horrific price that they paid as slaves was not part of the equation. It was just the way the world turned. It was only natural that the Israelites were tortured and murdered; it was only natural that their baby sons were thrown into the Nile. After all, they were not actually human beings. All that they remembered was the un-natural: the fact that their masters were ‘kind’ enough to give them a piece of fish.

When Obama makes dealing with the Iranian threat contingent on the destruction of Jewish settlements, what he is actually saying is that we do not have the right to live. But if we would like to continue to breathe this world’s air nevertheless, we have to pay. For Jews, life is not a right – it is a gift.

When Netanyahu explains in the Likud Knesset meeting that “We may have to take down illegal outposts as the US demands in order to focus attention on the Iranian threat,” he accepts Obama’s warped logic.

It makes no difference that objectively, our economic and security situation is excellent. Israel’s economy is much stronger than America’s. The shekel is stronger than the dollar. We have a modern and well-equipped army. We have “manna” that is delicious beyond belief. But he who is enslaved to the American master, sees none of the above. He thinks that he cannot get by without “American aid” – the modern day version of “free” Egyptian fish.

Nothing will happen if Netanyahu simply tells Obama no. All that he has to do is to step out of his slave mentality. In the meantime, though, the opposite is taking place. Netanyahu thinks that if he destroys the outposts, he will buy approval to act on other fronts. He doesn’t understand that he who surrenders his right to free settlement also surrenders his right to defend himself. He who destroys Mitzpeh Yitzhar can no longer attack in Bushehr.

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