Islamic Arab Terror Continues as Regime Declares War on Jews: Shabbos Thru Monday War News


Israeli Planes Drop Warning Pamphlets Over Gaza [Warning Gazans to Stay Clear 300 to 500 Meters From Border Fence, or Risk Being Shot]

Gaza-Trained Terrorists Arrested in Egypt

Call to Barak: Destroy Illegal Arab Structures

IDF Arrests Five Terror Suspects in Yesha [Near Tulkarm, in Shechem, Near Ramallah, in Hevron]

Israeli Injured by Arab Rock Throwing Near Hevron

IDF Fires on Terrorists in Samaria [Near Shavei Shomron]

Report: One Wounded in Shavei Shomron Incident [Attackers Threw Molotovs at Israeli Motorists]


As Islamic Arab terror against the Jewish State continues as ever, unabated, the Netanyahu government has declared war on the Jews, just as Olmert had, and Sharon before him. A question for Ehud Barak:

How does an Israeli governance tyrannical and immoral toward the Jewish people it governs, while protective of terrorists, survive ? MB

Barak Declares War against Hilltop Communities, by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu (Israel National News)

Barak: Outposts to be Evacuated ‘in Next Few Weeks’

Barak, Livni: Outposts Must be Evacuated


“Barak said, ‘A state which wants to survive must enforce the law.’”

IDF Signs Orders Permitting Outpost Destructions

Five Demonstrators Arrested in Yitzhar

Ramat Gilad Declared Illegal [“Residents… of Community of Ramat Gilad There illegally and May be Evicted”]

Battle for Abandoned Shdema Army Base Continues