“Bring Jonathan Pollard Home” Facebook Group Urges Shavu’ot Learning on Pollard’s Behalf



Jonathan Pollard, as a Jew and employed by the Defense dept. in the early 1980s, became aware that the US was in violation of treaty agreements with Israel which bound the US to supply Israel with vital intelligence. Although knowing that he could be prosecuted and imprisoned, he felt compelled as a Jew, l’Shem Shamayim, to provide Israel with this important intelligence.

Let me emphasize that Jonathan provided Israel with this vital information without remuneration, out of love for his fellow Jew and for the Jewish people.

To go deeper into the case, please refer to the website for Justice for Jonathan Pollard which is THE most comprehensive site online as to the details of the case. One is strongly urged to review it.

One can also gain background regarding Jonathan Pollard by clicking on this blog’s Jonathan Pollard archives.

With the avenue of appeal to the current American president for clemency appearing to be blocked, this Facebook group is dedicated to the ultimate appeal for Jonathan’s Freedom and return home to Israel — that being to Hashem. Therefore, it is urged that all who learn all night on Chag HaShavuos dedicate their learning L’Zchut Jonathan Pollard. MB