Tuesday War News: Syria Builds Missile Launch Facility Over Bombed Nuke Plant; Abbas Releases 42 Hamas, PA = Hamas, 8 Terrorists Nabbed, Rock Attacks in Yesha


No news from Gaza: Good news, or censors hard at work?? MB

Diplomats: Syria Has Put Missile Facility on Bombed Nuke Site

Abbas’s Security Forces Release 42 Hamas Detainees

22-year-old Palestinian Man with Knife Arrested [Stabbing Attack Thwarted] North of Jerusalem

Israeli Bus Pelted by Stones Near Nablus [Shechem]; Nobody Wounded

Arabs Throw Rocks at Car Near Hevron

IDF Arrests Eight Terror Suspects [Bethlehem, Hevron, Jenin and Kalkilye]

Rock Attack [on Israeli Bus] Next to El Aroub [Between Bethlehem and Hevron]

Rock Attack [on 2 Israeli Vehicles] Next to El Funduk [Southwest of Shechem]