Wednesday, Thursday War News: Hamas Terrorists Fire on IDF, Launch Rockets — Israel Retaliates; Real, or Election Posturing?; 14 Terrorists Nabbed, Arabs Stone Bus Near Otniel


For now, Israel is showing “deterrence” with retaliation for each attack from Gaza. But how long will it be before the defense ministry returns to striking empty fields? What can we expect on the day after elections?? MB

Two Kassam Rockets Fired from Gaza Strip Fall Near Sderot, by Yaakov Lappin (Jerusalem Post)

Likud Calls for Knesset Session on Olmert’s Plan [Bibi: Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet ‘Peaceful’ Lies!!]

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The Likud party called Thursday for an emergency session on Olmert’s peace plan, the details of which were revealed Thursday morning. According to the plan, Israel will give up most of Judea and Samaria to the Palestinian Authority and expel 60,000 people from their homes.

MK Gidon Sa’ar said, “This plan is dangerous and abandons the security of Israel. It will bring Hamas’ missiles to Tel Aviv and the center of the country.” The Likud party stated that “this plan does not obligate Israel nor the Likud headed by Binyamin Netanyahu.”

IDF Troops Arrest 14 Palestinian Terror Suspects

Wednesday PM, Evening War News

IAF Jets Strike Weapon Manufacturing Site Near Rafah, by Yaakov Lappin (Jerusalem Post)

Gaza Terrorists Fire on Negev [in Eshkol Region], by Maayana Miskin (Israel National News)

Arabs Throw Stones at Bus Near Otniel, No Injuries