Sunday War News: Ehud Barak, “Tell Us Lies, Tell Us Sweet Gaza Lies…”; Rock Attack Near Bethlehem, Arab Tries to Run Over Israelis Near Har Bracha, Border Police Nab 334 Illegals Across Israel



Ehud, keep “them” Gaza mythical lies coming. You know, the ones about restored deterrence while you, Olmert and Livni held the IDF back from scoring methodical victory and, in so doing, achieved none of the goals for which you went to war; Hamas again makes their tunnels operational, maintains substantial numbers of rockets, mortars and ammo and still holds Gilad Shalit. You and the rest of your Troika again wrested defeat from the jaws of victory. The responsibility for consequences rest squarely on the shoulders of the three of you! MB

Hamas Offers Year-Long Truce(sic), Opening of Gaza Crossings [How Absurdly Laughable!]

Hamas Spokesman: No Shalit Without Prisoner Release

Barak: Egypt Working to Prevent Smuggling

Barak: We Will Bring Home Shalit

Rock Attack Near Bethlehem

Arab Tries to Run Over Israelis [At Bus Stop Near Har Bracha, Located in Samaria Near Shechem]

Border Police Arrest 334 Illegal Palestinian Workers [Across Israel] Over Weekend