Tuesday War News UPDATE: Kassams, Mortars Continue as Regime Weighs 48 Hour Freeze on Cast Lead Ops


It may be that the much decorated defense minister Ehud Barak is a wily, cunning military character who may well have more tricks up his sleeve for operation Cast Lead, including a ground offensive which takes Hamas by surprise.

But, excuse the cynicism, the fact remains that over the last 3 1/2 years, Israel’s governance has lost all credibilty, both diplomatically and militarily, amongst the governed. And Ehud Barak, along with the rest of the governing Troika of Olmert and Livni, is very much a part of problem regarding lost credibility. MB

Israeli Leaders to Discuss Suspending Gaza Op for 48 Hours [to Establish Legitimacy for Ground Offensive, or Prelude to Imposed Ceasefire and International Troops?], by Yaakov Katz (Jerusalem Post)

Seven Rockets Fall: No Injuries Reported

Trucks with Grad Missiles Destroyed

Rockets Fall in Vicinity of Beersheba; No Casualties

Hamas [Grad] Missiles Hit Be’er Sheva for First Time [Rockets Attack for First Time Since Israel Captured it in 1948], by Gil Ronen


“One of the Grad-type missiles hit a kindergarten that was empty of children. The second one hit an empty field.”

Palestinians Fire Three Kassams at Sderot, No Casualties or Damage Reported

Rockets Fired From Gaza Strip Hit Ashdod, Ashkelon

IDF: 390 Hamas Targets Hit Since Start of Operation Cast Lead

Palestinians: IAF Aircrafts Pummeling Smuggling Tunnels

Kassams Hit Netivot, Rahat; No Casualties or Damage

Kassam Hits Kiryat Malachi; No Casualties, Several People Suffer Shock

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