Monday War News UPDATE: Israel Blasts Truck Full of Grads as ‘Cast Lead’ Continues and as Jewish Casualties Mount from Continuing Kassams, Mortars; Islamic Retaliations in Jerusalem, Kever Rachel, Route 443, Kedumim; 74 Illegals Nabbed in Tel Aviv


As the Israel Air Force continues blasting away on day 3 of ‘Cast Lead’, Kassam and mortar hits on Ashkelon, Ashdod and the Negev mount up as do Jewish casualties. Are we witnessing a replay of Lebanon 2006? Defense Minister Ehud Barak is quoted as stating that this is “all-out war” with Hamas, a “war to the bitter end.”

Remember those words if or when the same electioneering opportunistic ploysters Ehud Barak and Tzipy Livni spin a repeat of the Lebanon conflict results, imposed ceasefire in Gaza with international forces to further obstruct Israel’s sovereignty and self-defense. MB

Seven Wounded in [Kassam] Attack on Nahal-Oz

Five Wounded in Mortar Attack on Shaar Hanegev

Kassam Lands in Ashkelon Residential Neighborhood

Five Wounded, 1 Critically, as Rocket Hits Ashdod Bus Stop

Israel Destroys Truck Loaded with Grad Rockets

Some 50 Rockets Hit Southern Israel

Kassam Hits House in Sderot; No Injuries

Two Kassam Rockets Land in West Negev; None Wounded, No Damage Reported

Israeli Naval Vessels Shell Gaza Targets

Aerial Strike on Weapon Research and Development Center (IDF Spokesperson)

Summary of IDF Operations Overnight (IDF Spokesperson)

Two Sderot Residents Sent Into Shock as Kassam Hits Building

Rocket Explodes Near Netivot, No Injuries

Rocket Attack Near Ofakim

Two Rockets Explode in Ashkelon

Rocket Attack on Sderot and Sedot HaNegev

Stabbing [of 60 Year Old Man in Kedumim] in Samaria

Terror Attacks in Northern Jerusalem [Islamic Firebomb Attack om Back Entrance to Hadassah Hospital – Mount Scopus, Bus Attack on Uzi Narkis Street]

Palestinians Hurl Stones at Israeli Vehicles on Route 443 [Between Jerusalem and Modi’in]; None Hurt

2 Israeli Arabs Arrested on Suspicion of Setting Fire to Jerusalem Forest

4 Incendiaries Thrown near Rachel’s Tomb, No Injuries

Violent [Arab] Demos Against Gaza Op Held in East Jerusalem

74 illegal Residents Arrested in Tel Aviv

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