Friday, Shabbos War News: While Barak Flushed With “Success” at Deception Tossing Jews Out of Peace House, South Israel Bombarded With Arab Kassams, Grads, Mortars


Ehud Barak: Proud of His “Accomplishment” on the Day of Labor Primaries

Hevron, The Day After [Ehud Barak’s “Deceptive, Irresponsible, Dangerous Trick: Talks while… Planning Eviction…”], by Hillel Fendel (Israel National News)

7 Rockets, 8 Mortar Shells on Shabbat

Grad Rockets [and Mortars] Fired into Ashkelon [on Shabbos]

Kassam Explodes Near Sderot

Rockets Fired into Israel Land Next to Sha’ar Hanegev Kibbutz

Kassam Rockets Launched at Gaza Belt Communities

Palestinian Terrorists Fire Rocket at Western Negev; No Wounded or Damage

Mortar Shell Lands in Open Area in Western Negev

IDF Investigating Claim Soldier Assaulted Female Haaretz Photographer

Analysis: Caught Out as They Made Their French Fries, by Yaakov Katz (Jerusalem Post)

50 Wounded in Expulsion; Soldiers Say They Refused Orders, by Maayana Miskin (Israel National News)

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