Wednesday War/Peace House News: Gaza Rockets, Mortars Fired on Israel, Terrorist Injured in Rocket Misfire, Arabs Stone Jewish Cars as IDF Nabs 14 Terrorists; Peace House Supporters Block Junction, Druze Appeal To Ashkenazi — No IDF to Expel Jews, ZOA Opens Peace House Office


This author was told this morning in Shul that more Police shock troops (Yassamnikim) are enroute to Hevron to the Beit HaShalom area. The illegitimate Olmert, Barak, Livni regime is singularly focused only on evicting Jews, to the abject neglect of all else, as more rockets and mortars stream down on Negev communities and Arabs stone Jews cars throughout Yehuda and Shomron.

A subsequent email received says, as follows;

If you have any way to get over to Bet HaShalom now, it seems that now is the time (10 AM).

According to reports I’ve seen, the roads are still open.

In Chutz L’Aretz; Please call your local Israeli Embassy or ConsulateNOW!!! MB

Eight Mortar Shells Fired in Eshkol Region

Mortar Attack in Negev [Near a Kibbutz in the Sdot Negev Region]

2 Kassams Fired From Gaza at West Negev; No Casualties or Damage

Mortar Shell Lands in Field in Sdot Negev

Terrorist Wounded in Misfire [Trying to Launch Rocket]

Mortar Falls Near Nachal Oz

IDF Arrests 14 Terror Suspects [Near Shechem, Ramallah, Bethlehem]

Palestinians Hurl Rocks at Israeli Cars Near Ramallah, One Lightly Wounded

Arabs Stone Israeli Car Near Ramallah; One Wounded

[100] Peace House Supporters Block Tapuach Junction

Druze Soldiers to IDF: Don’t Use Troops to Expel Jews, by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu (Israel National News)

ZOA to Open Branch Office in Hevron’s Peace House, by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz (Israel National News)

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