Increased Arab Provocations; Regime, Yassam, IDF Totally Focused — on Shalom House



Readers of this blog have surely noted the upsurge in Arab provocations; from Gaza, attacks on the IDF, Jewish motorists throughout Yehuda and the Shomron, stabbing attacks and attempts in and near the entrances to Jerusalem and more.

As the Arabs ratchet-up terror throughout Israel; the regime, its police and special police forces, as well as the IDF are totally focused — on harrassing, persecuting, destroying and preparing to evict Jews from legally-aquired Jewish property at Beit HaShalom.

Here are a number of recent reports and commentaries (including previous posts on this blog), not all of which are directly related to the destruction of the Federman-Tor farms, recent dismantlements of hilltops and outposts;

No Wonder We’re Losing [Defense minister Sits… Waits for the Attorney General to give Permit], by Alex Fishman (Ynet)

CABINET COMMUNIQUE [PM Olmert’s Remarks Indicate Hamas Can Prepare to Attack Israel Within Framework of the Calm], by Dr. Aaron Lerner (IMRA)

Background: Rabin’s Forgotten Program:
No Palestinian State, No Settlement Freeze, Gush Katif as Model, Israeli control of borders, by Dr. Aaron Lerner

Livni: Israel Not a Rabbis’ Monopoly, by Ronen Medzini (Ynet)

Daniela Weiss: ‘War Declared on Jewish Communities in Yesha’, by Gil Ronen (Israel National News)

Peace House Defenders Prepare for Showdown, by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu (Israel National news)

Barak: We Will Evict Peace House Jews as Court Ordered

Yassamnik Attack on Federman Home, Temple Institute Director Arrested

Young Soldiers Hoodwinked by Superiors to Guard During Federman Farm Pogrom

Elisheva Federman Arrested

Jewish Agency Center Prevents Jewish Learning, by Ma’ayana Miskin and Ze’ev Ben-Yechiel (Israel National News)

ex-MK [Ayub Kara]: Livni You’re Not Good for Israel Only for Hamas

Perhaps readers will grasp, and get fired up at, the extent of the tyranny being perpetrated upon the Jewish nation by an out-of-control Israeli governance of blind hatred toward Jews, Torah and Jewish connection with the Land MB

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