NET ALERT: Jews of Hevron’s Beit HaShalom About to be Expelled by Yassamnikim??


Beit HaShalom in a snow storm

This blog has received emails from at least a half dozen sources over the past half-hour indicating that the regime has sent Yassamnikim to expel the residents of Beit HaShalom despite the Court and despite 50 MKs.

Click here to read the Breaking Israel National News Report;

Expulsion in Hevron Feared; Jews Gather, by Hillel Fendel (Israel National News)


Forces are said to be on their way to carry out a violent eviction of Jewish residents in Judea and Samaria – the second such action today.

Urgent text messages, emails and phone calls have been sent over the past hour, asking people to come to Hevron to help thwart a possible planned eviction from Beit HaShalom (Peace House) in the City of the Patriarchs.

Hundreds of people are already there – and the word in and around the building is that the expulsion will take place sometime during the night. Reports of suspicious military and police activity in the area were noted throughout the day, and “a feeling of eviction is in the air,” in the words of one Hevron spokesman.

Here is the email from Matot Arim (Cities of Israel;

Bet haShalom in Crisis

If you can come to the house — come now. 0524295557 for brief questions.

* Contact the High Court of Justice immediately: “50 MKs have asked u NOT to remove legal Jewish owners of BetHashalom. Don’t mock justice and democracy!!” Contact info: 02-6759648 fax. SMS:
0506-255106 0506-256700 050-5331563.

* SMS to all suitable Knesset members (use list of cell phone numbers above, in the Hebrew): “BEVAKASHA RUSH DACHUF TO BET HASHALOM! TODA RABA! (your name)”

MK cell phones for SMS Purposes:

0506247802 EFFY EITAM, MK

ZVI HENDEL, MK 0505587077

׳0505411752 NISSIM ZEEV, MK

׳ 0502205444 AMIRA DOTAN, MK

0505456633 RABBI RAVITZ, MK

0504963737 YAKOV MARGI, MK

׳DR. YUVAL STEINITZ 0523853280

0506241000 YISRAEL KATZ, MK

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