Recent War News: Attempt to Kidnap Soldiers at Gaza Border, Pipe Bomb Near Carmiel; Rock and Stabbing Attacks, 10 Terrorists Nabbed, Terrorists Attack Soldiers, Police

[Hamas] Attempt to Kidnap Israeli Soldiers [at Gaza Border] Disclosed

“… Plan, as described to the Shabak interrogators, was to draw Israeli soldiers towards the Gaza-Israel border in the framework of a drugs deal.”

Pipe Bomb Thrown at Home [Near Carmiel]

Rock Attack near Ramallah

IDF Arrests Seven Terrorists in Shechem, and Ramallah

Suspected Stolen IDF Arms Found in Bedouin Town [Segev Shalom, outside Be’er Sheva]

IDF Arrests Two Terror Suspects [Near Ramallah]

Terrorist Killer [86-year-old Avraham Ozeri in Jerusalem on Thursday] was Known to Police

Volunteer Foils Stabbing Attack

Palestinian Carrying Pipe Bomb Arrested at Hawara Checkpoint

Terrorists Attack Soldiers, Police [in Anata, Near the village of Azoun, Near Shechem]

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