Erev Rosh Hashana War News: Gaza Kassam Lands in Gaza, Palestinian Infiltrates Israel Thru Gaza Waters; IDF Fears Hezbollah Infiltration, Terror Attack; IDF Nabs 10 Terrorists, Molotov Attacks on Jews, Terrorists Practice Kidnapping Soldiers

Arab Launched Kassam Falls On Their Side

Palestinian Infiltrates Israeli Town [Netiv Ha’asara] Through Gaza Waters

IDF Worried About Hezbollah Infiltration

“Fears group will exploit government transition to launch holiday season attack.”

Soldiers Arrest 10 Wanted Terrorists

Several Cars Damaged in Two… Molotov Cocktail Attacks [ Next to Bethlehem, Next to Beitar Illit]

Terrorists Practice Kidnapping Soldiers

Rock Attack: Bus Damaged [South of Hevron], No Injuries

[Firebomb] Attacks near Beitar, Shilo

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