Thursday War News: Terror Cell Including 2 Israeli Arabs Nabbed for Planning Attacks, Pardoned Fatah Man ‘Returned to Terror’ Nabbed, Rocks and Molotovs Tossed at Jewish Bus, Cars, Large Cache of Illegal Gas Owned by Israeli Arab Seized, 5 Islamic Jihad Terrorists Nabbed

Two Israeli Arabs suspected of Planning Terror Attacks

Terror Cell that Planned to Assassinate Israeli Pilots, Scientists Arrested

Israel Arrests Fatah Man Who Was Pardoned but ‘Returned to Terror’, By Michael Freund (Jerusalem Post)

Arabs Damage Bus in Hevron, Firebomb Cars in Samaria

Palestinians Throw Molotov Cocktail at Israeli Car [East of Kalkilya]; No Wounded

Palestinians Throw Rocks at Israeli Car South of Bethlehem

100 Tons of Illegal Gas [Owned by Israeli Arab] Confiscated from Warehouse South of Ashkelon

Palestinians: IDF Arrests 5 Islamic Jihad Operatives in Nablus [Shechem]

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