Barak, Mofaz vs Livni: Welcome to the WWF, Israel-Style



This author is no fan of either Ehud Barak or Shaul “One Foot Out the Door” Mofaz. But Mofaz is totally right regarding Livni, the Mossad House-sitter. She’s a lightweight contesting for a job way over her head and way over her intellectual and moral capability to perform.

Consider these comments by Mofaz, Barak and Livni in Gil Hoffman’s JPost report;

“Security does not mean just being a military man,” Livni told the Web site. “It’s looking beyond and evaluating a situation while taking into account regional, socioeconomic, and military processes, preparing systems and using good sense and judgment that is not based on familiarity with just one field. It means asking the right questions and finding solutions to problems. That’s what is required in a leader.”

Mofaz’s campaign said that by making good judgment a higher priority than military experience, Livni proved that she had neither one. They said that the failure of UN resolution 1701, that Livni negotiated, to end the Second Lebanon War further proved the dangers of her lack of experience and judgment.

Livni’s spokesman declined to respond to the Mofaz campaign’s charges beyond repeating Livni’s statements that Kadima members were choosing a prime minister and not a defense minister.

Barak’s associates said he was surprised that Livni had accused him in the interview of interfering in the Kadima race. They said that Barak had not been targeting her specifically when he reiterated the need for military experience but that by responding she unnecessarily incriminated herself.

“Livni’s exaggerated response to Barak’s ethical statement about the necessary qualifications for prime minister is astonishing,” Barak’s office said in an official statement. “It’s unreasonable that Livni herself thinks that the qualifications necessary for prime minister should be decided by a handful of registered Kadima members. We didn’t hear her protest Barak intervening in internal Kadima matters when he forced the party to hold the primary that she is running in now.”

In Livni, we see a political opportunist whose advantage overrides the moral integrity and consistency necessary to lead a Jewish nation. Barak’s associates above correctly cited one such instance in Livni’s hypocrisy of attacking Barak when he defined his vision of qualifications for the prime ministership while remaining silent when Barak pressured Kadima regarding holding primaries, which she saw was to her advantage.

But there is more to this political opportunism and lack of moral integrity and consistency.

Consider for example Livni’s vile words, plans and actions, as cited by Yisrael Medad on his MyRightWord blog in quoting Rachel Saperstein. Then-Justice Minister Livni tried to ingratiate herself with now-comatose former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon by threatening the Jews of Gush Katif in the months prior to the expulsion;

…She became his [Ariel Sharon’s] protege’ and willing partner in the crime of expelling Jews from Gush Katif. As Justice Minister she gave legal backing to Ariel Sharon, his son Omri, and their advisors whose single aim was to protect the Sharons from prosecution by destroying the twenty-three communities of Gush Katif.

“Internment camps are being made ready for those who refuse to leave willingly.”

“The Jews will be relocated.”

“All possessions of those who oppose the expulsion will become State property.”

“Children of demonstrators will be removed from their parents homes and sent to be re-educated.”

“Parents will be indicted for putting their children into danger.”

The internment camps for families were built deep in the Negev area. Activists who fought for Gush Katif were imprisoned there without trial. Today the camps are used for African refugees who have entered illegally from Egypt. These primitive camps in a sweltering climate are a testament to the perversity of Tzippi Livni.

Livni must NEVER become Prime Minister. Her actions seem more like those of a common political criminal who deserves to be prosecuted for her crimes against the Jewish people and for her immense, premeditated desecration of Hashem’s name. MB

To view the entire Hoffman article, click; Mofaz, Barak Gang Up on Livni, by Gil Hoffman (Jerusalem Post)

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