Orlev: Deal’s Message, “Israel Will Never Abandon Soldiers.”



It appears as if MK Zevulun Orlev has gone over to the other side, as if he was ever on the side Torah, morality and ethics in the first place.

After the cabinet voted to release Samil Kuntar and slews of other terrorist for Jewish captive body-bags, Orlev is quoted as follows;

“The deal for the captives broadcasts an important message, that ‘every Jewish mother must know that the state of Israel will never abandon its soldiers.'”

This author would like to ask MK Orlev;

  • 1/ Where is Ron Arad?
  • 2/ Where is Zachary Baumel?
  • 3/ Where is Tzvi Feldman?
  • 4/ Where is Yehuda Katz?
  • 5/ Where is Guy Hever?
  • 6/ Where is Majdi Halaby?: The IDF soldier who disappeared on duty near Haifa on 24 May 2005

Are the above not also Israeli soldiers?

What about Jonathan Pollard? Is he not also an Israeli soldier. Did Israel not convey its citizenship upon Pollard a number of years ago?
This author strongly suggests that Orlev’s rationale is blatantly false and misguided. MB

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